View the worship service for October 9, 2022

Fall Festival Worship Service
“You Are The Light of the World”

Prelude          Pièce d’Orgue in G Major, BWV 572     Johann Sebastian Bach
Lighting the Christ Candle
 Welcome and Prayer Michael Unruh, Bethel College Campus Pastor

*Gathering Hymns              Here In This Place        Voices Together 10
                                       You Are Salt For The Earth                    VT 297
Scripture                           Matthew 5:14-16                   Gabby Fields
                                                                                        Student Chaplain

Reflections              Julianna Schrag, Bethel College senior
Choral Response               O Lux Beatissima               Howard Helvey       
                    Bethel College Chamber Choir;  Henry S. Water, director
Reflection Tanner Wallace, Bethel College Senior
Choral Response          You Do Not Walk Alone             Dominick DiOrio
   Bethel College Concert Choir
Prayers of God’s People  Todd Schlosser
        Bethel College Mennonite Church Pastor
*Hymn           Be Thou My Vision VT 549                
*Spoken Benediction Michael Unruh
*Choral Benediction    The Lord Bless You and Keep You   Peter C. Lutkin
   Concert Choir
Postlude             Nun danket alle Gott               arr. Egil Hovland
*All who are able are invited to stand

Accompanists:   organ – Christopher Shaw, Class of 2005
 guitar – Eli Regier, Current Bethel College junior

Choral Texts

You Do Not Walk Alone (Dominick DiOrio)

May you see the light on the path ahead
When the road you walk is dark.
May you always hear,
E’en in your hour of sorrow,
The gentle singing of the lark.

When times are hard may hardness
Never turn your heart to stone,
May you always remember
when the shadows fall –
You do not walk alone.

(Traditional Irish Blessing)

O Lux Beatissima  (Howard Helvey     

O lux beatissima, O Light most blessed,
Reple cordis intima Fill the inmost heart
Tuorum fidelium. Of all thy faithful.

Sine tuo numine, Without your grace,
Nihil est in homine, There is nothing in us,
Nihil est innoxium. Nothing that is not harmful.

(From the Whitsundtide sequence Veni Sancte Spiritus
attr. Stephan Langton (d. 1228), Archbishop of Canterbury)

Bethel College Concert Choir: Director – Henry Waters, D.M.A.
Members – Elizabeth Alderfer, Phillip Balzer,  Emily Brandt, Peter Buller,
Sophia Chindamo, Shayla Dao+, Isabela Diaz+, Angelika Donaldson,
Tristan England, Schyler Entz, Josie Epp+, Eddie Gaeddert, Caleb Garber,
 Rachel Geyer, Sophie Girtz, Andrew Graber+, Aubry Grame+, Angel Hernandez, Kendall Hiebert, Hayden Honomichl+, Claira Janssen, Daniel Kaufman,
John Mark Koontz+, Halle Krehbiel, Stephany Meyer+, Edel Miller+,
Miguel Molina Chavez, April Powls, Bethany Regehr, Eli Regier+, Ben Rudeen, Seth Rudeen, Lizzie Schmucker, Jacob Schrag, Julianna Schrag+, Timothy Schrag, Kaitlyn Shima, Christopher Strecker+, Isaac Tice, Corbin Unruh+, Gabe Villegas+, Zach Watson, Allison Weaver+, Bryce Wilson+, Dylan Yoder
+ Indicates Bethel College Chamber Choir member