Adult Classes

A variety of established adult Sunday school classes meet at BCMC. Some have structured presentations or discussions; others are quite informal. Through these classes adults gain insight and support from scripture, other resources, and the fellowship of other members of the church community. All classes welcome new participants.

Regular Adult Sunday school classes:

Agape (Fellowship Hall):  This group of young families discusses a wide range of topics including current and societal issues, and also meets for social events.

Bible Study (Room 14):  This inter-generational group meets for inductive Bible study from September to May.

Catacombs (Room B5):  Members of the Catacombs Class take turns leading or invite guest speakers. They emphasize open-ended discussion, prompted by materials that range from Adult Bible Study to issue-oriented videos. The group holds a quarterly social event, such as dining out or traveling to a point of interest. About 30 people attend representing a variety of professions.

Fellowship (Room B7):  Discussion in the Fellowship Class is often informal, on topics related to personal experience or various other issues: hot topics in Christian thought, cultural trends and world events. Class members sometimes lead discussion on books or videos. Class members are in their middle years. The group meets for potlucks.

Fine Arts (Room 24):  The class begins with sharing of news and concerns and an opening prayer. Class members take turns leading discussions, usually focusing on one chapter of a book chosen for the term. The books deal with theology, social issues, personal growth, Bible interpretation and other topics. Sunday attendance is about 25-35. The class views itself as informal yet informative, “Open to discussion without intimidation.”

Issues and Christianity (Room 23):  Members of this group take turns leading discussion on a variety of topics and describe themselves as “very diverse.” Resources may include The Mennonite, newspaper articles, videos or other materials. Topics include world events, religious issues, personal or family experiences. Members eat out together nearly every Sunday noon (usually pizza), and also gather for potlucks. The 24 people in this “warm, accepting, informal group” range in age from 55 to 65.

Mosaic (Room 20):  The class members are adults of all ages. The group discusses a variety of topics, including sermon/worship response, book studies, The Mennonite, Bible study guides, newspaper articles, current and societal issues and hot topics brought to the class. Social activities include meeting occasionally for games, singing, eating and fellowship.

Open Circle (Room 21):  The focus of this class will be on Bible-centered discussion to promote growth in faith and new understandings of Biblical meanings. Input from the class participants will determine materials used and subjects for discussion. Visitors to our worship service and others who have not become involved in a Sunday school class are especially welcome.

Seekers (Room 28):  The name of this class reflects the exploratory nature of the group, which discusses contemporary theological and ethical issues, often using books as guides. Members take turns leading discussion. The class has joined the Supporting Congregations Network, an affiliation of Mennonite and Church of the Brethren congregations that welcome gay, lesbian and bisexual members. The group welcomes people of all ages, desiring to be a genuine, inter-generational class open to any “seeker” who wants to explore the Christian faith.

Sojourners (Chapel):  In this class, rotating smaller committees choose topics for discussion, including faith and church issues, personal and family issues and other topics. Frequently, outside resource people are invited to give input. The 40 or so people in the class meet bimonthly for a social event.