Adult Classes

A variety of established adult Sunday school classes meet at BCMCSome have structured presentations or discussions; others are quite informal.  Through these classes, adults gain insight and support from scripture, other resources, and the caring fellowship of other members of the church community.  Many classes are more structured during the school year, with flexibility during summer months for travel and for attending special presentations for the congregation during the second hour.   All classes welcome new participants.

Regular Adult Sunday school classes:

Agape (Nursery):  This group of young to middle-year working adults includes many who are parenting children.  The group discusses a wide range of topics including current and societal issues, and also meets for social events.  Anyone is welcome to join. 

Bible Study (Room 14):  This inter-generational group meets for Bible study from September to May.  Types of study include lectionary readings or a book study related to scripture.  Occasionally we have a guest speaker who will do an in-depth study of a Book in the Bible.  Anyone is welcome to join this class.

Catacombs (Room B5):   Members of the Catacombs Class take turns leading. They emphasize open-ended discussion, prompted by materials that range from Bible Study to issue-oriented videos. One of the continuing themes of discussion is the concepts of Justice and Righteousness. In the past the class has read books for discussion, hosted Menno Simons lecturers, invited other college related speakers on topics of common interest. 15 to 20 persons presently attend.  New persons are welcome.

Fellowship:  Fellowship Class discussion focuses on topics related to personal experience, hot topics in Christian thought, cultural trends and world events.  Fellowship participants range from middle years to retirement. Post-Covid, Fellowship participants connect in Gathering Place after worship and eat out together monthly.  Women convene for coffee the third Monday of the month.  Anyone is welcome to join this informal group.

Fine Arts (Room 24):  Class begins with sharing of news and concerns.  Class members take turns leading discussions on topics such as theology, social issues, personal growth, and Biblical interpretation, using books or reading articles from Anabaptist World.  Zoom is used on a regular basis for participation from a distance.  The class views itself as informal and informative.  Everyone is welcome to join.

Issues and Christianity (Room 23):  Members of this group take turns leading discussion on a variety of topics and describe themselves as “very diverse.”  Resource may include Anabaptist World, newspaper articles, videos or other materials.  Topics include world events, religious issues, personal or family experiences.  Members often eat out together on Sundays at noon and also gather for potlucks.  This “warm, accepting, informal group” welcomes new members. 

Open Circle (Room 21):  The focus of this class is Bible-centered discussion to promote growth in faith and new understandings of Biblical meanings.  Input from class participants will determine materials used and subjects for discussion.  Visitors to our worship service and others who have not become involved in a a Sunday School class are especially welcome.

Seekers (Room 28):  The name of this class reflects the exploratory nature of the group, which discusses contemporary theological and ethical issues, often using books as guides.  Members take turns leading discussion.  In 2002, the class joined the Supporting Congregations Network, an affiliation of Mennonite and Church of the Brethren congregations that welcome gay, lesbian, and bisexual members.  The group welcomes people of all ages, desiring to be a genuine, inter-generational class open to any “seeker” who wants to explore the Christian faith.  All are welcome anytime. 

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