General Policies

Facility Use:

The use of the church facility and grounds shall be in keeping with the purpose of the congregation, extending service and ministry in the community and to the wider world.  See the Facility Use Policy for additional information about priority use, permissible uses, reservations, fees, supervision, use of kitchen, etc.

Reservations may be completed by completing the Facility Use Agreement Form.

For more information or to make reservations contact the church office at 316-283-3667 or


Additional information about the use of the church for weddings is available in the Wedding Brochure.  Different fees apply for members and non-members.  Also see Facilities Use information above.

For more information or to make reservations contact the church office at 316-283-3667 or

Funeral/Peace Garden:

The Bethel College Mennonite Church is used regularly for funerals and memorial services.  The Funeral Pre-Planning Checklist can be filled out by any member of the church and filed in the church office.  It provides a preliminary expression of your wishes.  The Funeral Memorial Handbook is a helpful guide for surviving family members. The Memorial Fund Brochure (or Memorial Fund Designation Form) summarizes church policy for the use of memorial funds and provides an opportunity to designate the memorial funds.  The Bequest Policy summarizes church policy on accepting and using bequests.

The Bethel College Mennonite Church Columbarium is an effort by the church to provide a meaningful and more affordable choice for families when a loved one dies.  Additional information is available in the Peace Garden Policy and the Peace Garden Purchase Form.

The BCMC Columbarium/Peace Garden’s care is overseen by a Peace Garden Care Committee.  The committee’s tasks are outlined in this document.  There are also plans to expand the columbarium. See Columbarium Expansion Task Group for more information.

For more information or to purchase contact the church office at 316-283-3667 or

Caring Fund:

The Caring Fund is an above-budget benevolent fund administered by the Deacon Commission for the purpose of assisting our congregation’s members and community persons in need. The fund is generated by above budget offerings made payable to Bethel College Mennonite Church and designated “Caring Fund.”  The Deacon Commission authorizes use of the fund and empowers pastors to authorize grants under certain conditions.  See the Caring Fund for additional details.


Bethel College Mennonite Church (BCMC) should be a safe haven for all who enter here. All staff and volunteers representing BCMC shall conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the high standards of Christian ethics. They shall at all times be responsible for their actions when representing the trust and authority given to them by the congregation. Personal boundary invasions or misuse of power, including sexual abuse or harassment, will not be tolerated. In light of these beliefs, the Guidelines for Safety of Children and Youth will be followed.