Long Range Planning

Following a discernment process of over a year, on April 29 the congregation voted to approve a long range plan for the church facility and programs at BCMC, at a cost not to exceed $1,250,000. This is a summary of elements in the plan (for a full copy of the plan, contact the church office):

  • Priorities for programming in four areas: Improving a sense of congregational community; continuing to strengthen our relationship with Bethel College; increasing multi-generational activities; and increasing service involvement and recognition of those involved in service.
  • Maintenance plan for the facility and increased funding for the Plant Fund
  • Roof replacement
  • New signage to provide a more welcoming and informational atmosphere at BCMC.
  • Front entrance renovation with sloped sidewalk, hand railings and lighting to be more accessible.
  • Creation care elements (insulation, improving windows, water reduction, and reducing waste stream).
  • Fellowship Hall and Kitchen upgrades
  • Organ upgrade (rebuild console, convert to solid state technology, new electric slider wind chests, reconfigure organ chamber, replace Swell Box and shutters, voice the organ).
  • Higher education scholarship funds (to double the amount we currently provide to students from BCMC who attend Bethel College).
  • Service scholarship funds to encourage persons from BCMC to serve with Mennonite service and mission agencies.
  • First floor restroom renovation to increase number of toilets/sinks and make restrooms accessible to all.
  • Foyer renovation on main floor to enhance fellowship – Expand foyer by removing south and east walls of Room 11; move mailboxes to west wall; add coffee preparation area with sink and storage.
  • Move infant/toddler nursery from second floor to main floor at rear of sanctuary (under balcony). Includes family restroom, diaper changing station and janitor’s closet.
  • Upgrade/renovation of heating and cooling system to reduce energy consumption and be sustainable into the future – specific plan to be determined.

Living-StonesLiving Stones: Gratitude for the Past, Building for the Future is  the commitment and implementation process for BCMC’s long range plan.   Financial commitments for bothLiving Stones and the 2013 operating budget will be gathered through personal contacts during September to November.  Thank you to these volunteers who will be making contacts:  Floyd Bartel, Mary Ann Boschmann, Lois Brubacher, Tina Block Ediger, John Esau, Judy Friesen, Richard and Dorothy Nickel Friesen, John and Mary Gaeddert, Willis Harder, Dale Horst, Dick Koontz, Matt Koontz, Ron Peters, Vern Preheim, Merrill Raber, Adam and Jill Robb, Frank Stucky, Steve and Jeanette Stucky, Harold Thieszen, Francis and Margaret Toews, and Lawrence Yoder.

The purpose of these visits is to discuss the work of our church through our annual budget and the Living Stones plan.  In addition to asking members to complete intent to give forms (which you will do confidentially and return in a sealed envelope) you will have the opportunity to reflect and share with each other stories of Living Stones in our lives, our church and how these people and events have been important to you.  May God bless these conversations and the people who participate in them.