Children and Emerging Youth

Sunday School during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020

The  BCMC Faith Formation Commission purchased the curriculum, God’s Story, God’s Song for the whole church to use.  Press here for the link to explore the curriculum.  Watch this video to learn about the new curriculum from the chair of the Faith Formation Commission, Mary Ellen Hodge.  For the video click here.

If you’d like to use this curriculum with your Sunday School class, partner, friends, on your own, or by creating a small  group, contact Pastor Renee Reimer at

BCMC’s children and emerging youth program includes four class groupings: 

Preschool:  Will meet on the BCMC Playground when possible.
Teachers:  Julianna Schrag, Jeanette Leary, Cynthia Linscheid (sub)

Lower Elementary:  Will meet on the BCMC side lawn by the Bethel College President’s House (south side of the church)
Teachers:  Jill Robb, Marlene Ewert, Suzy Burch, Esther Koontz, Rebecca Schloneger

Upper Elementary:  Will meet on the BCMC Front Lawn
Teachers:  Adam Rob, Brad Kohlman, Hank and Elaine Prouty Cliff Dick, Kevin Neufeld

Senior High Students:  Will meet on the BCMC Playground
Teachers:  Tim Hodge, Mary Ellen Hodge, Crystal Gaeddert