Children and Emerging Youth

Sunday school 2018 – 2019 is underway!

Following worship and before meeting in classrooms, children age 2 through emerging youth (6 – 8th grade) meet in Fellowship Hall for a short time of snacks and singing.

BCMC’s children and emerging youth program includes four class groupings: 

Infants – 1 year old: Nursery (Teachers: Rachel Pannabecker, Tom and Gayle Jackson, Carol and Jerry Buller, Gwen Neufeld, Beaty Robb)

Early Childhood (Pre-K – 2nd Grade): Room B4 (Teachers:Marlene Ewert, Mary Ellen Hodge, Jill Robb, Elizabeth Tran)

Primary (1 – 3rd grade): Room B3 (Teachers: Barb Koontz, Jeanette Leary)

Middler (3 – 4th grade): Room B3 (Teachers: Suzy Burch, Deb Gering, Barb Koontz, Jeanette Leary Sandee Zerger)

Emerging youth (5 – 8th grade): Room 26 (Teachers: Cliff Dick, Brad Kohlman, Kevin Neufeld,  Elaine Prouty, Hank Prouty, Adam Robb, Peggy Souder)

This year BCMC will again use MCUSA’s SHINE curriculum for the children and emerging youth program. This dynamic school curriculum engages Christian communities and families in their life together, as it:

  • calls children to experience the transforming power of God’s love and shine God’s light in the world;
  • nurtures trust in God and invites children to follow Jesus;
  • encourages imaginative, interactive biblical storytelling;
  • explores the meaning of the Bible within the gathered community;
  • cultivates the inner life of the Spirit through spiritual practices;
  • expresses faith through lives of compassionate peacemaking and service.