View the worship service for October 2, 2022

October 2, 2022
Worldwide Communion Sunday

Prelude—Holy Manna  (arr. Stearns/Cherwien/Held)—Verlene Garber

Christ Candle Lighting/Land Acknowledgement—Elizabeth Schmidt

Welcome and Prayer

*Hymn— Here in this Place—VT #10

Children’s Conversation— Carolyn Penner and Wes Schmidt-Tieszen

Kin-dom Report—Credence Consultation Reference Group—Megan Kohlman

Chancel Choir—Do Not Be Afraid (Philip Stopford)—Chancel Choir; Riley King, director; Verlene Garber, accompanist

Scripture Reading—Luke 17:1-10—Readers’ Theatre

Sermon—Faith and the Mustard Seed—Todd Schlosser

 *Hymn—I’m Gonna Eat at the Welcome Table—VT #801

Service of Communion—Nathan Koontz and Elizabeth Schmidt

*Hymn—The Love of God—VT 162

Prayers of God’s People—Elizabeth Schmidt

Choral Benediction—Amen –(John Rutter)—Chancel Choir

BenedictionTodd Schlosser

Postlude—Sent Forth by God’s Blessing (Wold)—Verlene Garber

* You are invited to stand

VT = Voices Together

Audio visual—Ben Lichti

Pastors— Nathan Koontz, Todd Schlosser