October 23, 2022 Worship Service

October 23, 2022     9:30 am

Prelude–Will Wiebe-Friesen–Two settings of I Sing the Mighty Power of God arr. by Innes and by La Plante                                                                                     

Christ Candle Lighting–Lois Preheim                  

Welcome and Prayer

*Hymn–Sing the Mighty Power of God–VT 182         

Kin-dom Report–BCMC Task Group for Decolonization–Valetta Seymour

Children’s Conversation–Carol Flickinger

Scripture Reading–Joel 2:23-32; Luke 18:9-14–Roger Juhnke

Sermon–Open Minds and Humble Hearts–Todd Schlosser 

*Hymn–God of the Bible–VT 420

Prayers of God’s People–Lois Preheim

*Hymn–Move in our Midst–VT 827

Benediction–Todd Schlosser                                       

Postlude–Psalm XIX by. B. Marcello–Will Wiebe-Friesen

VT = Voices Together

* You are invited to stand

Audio visual—Ben Lichti

Pastors— Nathan Koontz, Todd Schlosser