Worship service for December 19, 2021

December 19, 2021
Dare to Imagine God’s Face!

Advent Prelude—Doxology


Welcome and Call to Worship—Ada Schmidt-Tieszen

Call to Worship

Introit—Come Away From Rush and Worry (VT 9) — Chancel Choir; William Eash, director; Verlene Garber, accompanist

Advent Candle Lighting — Lily Schloneger

Leader:                        We light a candle of love, and imagine

People:           the lowly lifted, fear met with love.

Leader:                        We light the candle and pray for God’s face to shine on us, to save us, restore us.

Hope is a Candle –Verses 1, 2, 3, 4—VT 211

Prayer of Confession

Leader:                        We notice, O God, that when you feed people, everyone has enough.

People:           We notice that in our world, when we feed people, some have more than enough, and many are still hungry.

Leader:                        Teach us to love.

People:           We notice, O God, that in your social, economic, racial, and gender orders, no one is greater, and no one is left behind.

Leader:                        We notice that in our world there are many ladders, and many are


People:           Reorientate us to your vision of equality.

Leader:            God of mercy, lower us, raise us, empty us, and fill us. Like an empty manger, we want to be ready to receive Emmanuel.

Words of Assurance—(adapted from Luke 1:46-49)

All:  Our souls magnify the Lord, our spirits rejoice in God our Savior.

        God has looked with favor on our lowliness.

        The Mighty One has done great things for us, and holy is God’s name.

Hymn of assurance—My Soul Proclaims with Wonder—VT 222

Hearing God’s Word

Children’s Conversation—Esther Kreider Eash

Scripture—Micah 5:2-5a—Omer Galle

                    Luke 1:39-55—Abigail Koontz

Special Music—The Glory of the Father (Egil Hovland) — Chancel Choir

Sermon—Improvisation on a Song—Dawn Yoder Harms


Hymn of Response—With Mary Sing Magnificat — VT 208

Prayers of God’s People—Ada Schmidt-Tieszen

Sending Song—My Soul Cries Out—VT 412

Benediction—Dawn Yoder Harms

AV—Ken Lamp

The Advent Prelude this morning is by the group “Doxology”, a 12-voice choral ensemble from Hutchinson.  They will present classic and modern acapella arrangements of songs celebrating the glory of Emmanuel “God with Us.”  Members are:  (Tenor 1) John Miller, Nathan Miller, Kristen Miller;  (Tenor 2)  Jared Shelter, Harry Shenk, Tim Shenk; (Baritone)  Nelson Martin, Gene Miller, Tony Shelter; (Bass)  Cliff Nisly, Shane Iwashige, Willard Mast

Their next performances: 

· December 20, 7 pm at Pleasantview Activity Center, 4823-5307 S Dean Rd,   Hutchinson