Worship Service for December 12, 2021

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December 12, 2021
Advent 3: Dare to Imagine

Prelude—Jude Oswald, flute               

Miles Brubacher, piano

                Emerson Gering, piano

                Naomi Koontz, piano

                Emma Gering and Maisie Brubacher, violins

                Lucy Burch, flute

                Abby Koontz, piano               

                Menno Singers


Creche—Preschool Sunday School

Welcome and Call to Worship– Brett Gaeddert and Lincoln Kohlman

Advent Candle Lighting— Lincoln Kohlman and Brett Gaeddert                                                                                                                                                     

Leader: We light a candle of joy. And we imagine:

People: Jubilation! Rejoicing! Do not fear!

Leader: We light a candle and join in God’s song, singing loudly, singing fiercely, singing together.

*Hymn—Hope is a Candle (Verses 1, 2, and 4)—VT 211

(Menno Singers Verses 1 and 2; Congregation join on Verse 4)

Worship Music—Obey my Voice—

What Does the Lord Require of You—Menno Singers, Virginia Mininger, director;

Mary Ann Boschmann, accompanist

 Hearing God’s Word

Scripture Reading—Zephaniah 3:14-20—Maisie Brubacher

Children’s Conversation—Esther Eash

*Hymn—Oh, How Joyfully—VT 254

Scripture Reading—Isaiah 12:4-6—Brett Gaeddert

                                Luke 3:7-18—Collin Gaeddert and Addison Zerger

Skit—The Most Important Person at the Nativity—Sr High Sunday School


*Hymn—Joy to the World—VT 240

Prayers of God’s People—Renee Reimer

Benediction—Collin Gaeddert

*Benediction Sung Response—You Shall Go Out with Joy—VT 847

VT = Voices Together

Worship leader—Middler Sunday School Class

Keyboardist—Mary Ann Boschmann

Audio visual—Francis Toews

Pastors—Renee Reimer, Nathan Koontz, Dawn Yoder Harms

Menno Singers Director—Virginia Mininger

Menno Singer Accompanists—Mary Ann Boschmann, piano; Esther Koontz, cello; Rebecca Schloneger, violin

Skit Participants In Order of Appearance: Lucy Burch, Justin Zerger, Simon Koontz, Adah Hodge, Payne Claassen, Simon Hodge