View the worship service from February 18, 2024

February 18, 2024
First Sunday of Lent
Christ Among Us: Repent and Believe

Christ Candle Lighting
Centering Music—What Wondrous Love is This (arr. Wood)–Will Wiebe-Friesen
Call to Worship (based on Psalm 25:1–10)—Ada Schmidt-Tieszen
One: Teach us your pathways, O God—
our eyes and our souls are trained on you.
Many: For you are the greatest guide,
and your map is always good.
One: Other paths have left us lost;
other ways have left us confused.
Many: You guide us along the trail of your mercy,
drawing sinner and saint down this well worn way.
All: All your paths are love, made smooth by your faithful walking.
We are led into your truth by following the tread of your feet.
*Hymn—Lo, I Am with You (verses 1-4)—VT 284
Children’s Conversation—Jill Robb and Bethany Schrag
Anthem—O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song  (Peter Aston)–Chancel Choir; William Eash, director; Will Wiebe-Friesen, accompanist
Scripture Reading—Genesis 9:8–17; Mark 1:9–15
Sermon—With the Wild Beasts and the Angels—Nathan Koontz
*Hymn—Spirit of God! Descend—VT 557
Prayers of God’s People
Prayer of Confession
One: God, on Ash Wednesday, we remembered our humanity,
our fragility, our limits, our sinfulness, our need for repentance.
Today, we come to you with this fresh on our minds as we continue our Lenten journey. Many: Be with us in this wilderness.
One: We so often focus on the difficulty of our walk with Christ.
Many: Forgive our self-focused minds.
One: Forgive us, Lord, when on our journey,
we forget your extensive, covenantal love for the world.
Many: May we partner with you and your church to remember.
All: (looking at one another) You are beloved.
*Hymn—Spirit, Open My Heart—VT 636
 Postlude—Precious Lord, Take My Hand (arr. Schrader)–Will Wiebe-Friesen
* You are invited to stand
VT—Voices Together
Keyboard- Will Wiebe-Friesen
Audio visual—Ken Lamp