View the worship service for February 25, 2024

February 25, 2024
Second Sunday of Lent
Christ Among Us, Showing Us Faith

Christ Candle Lighting
Centering Music—Prelude on Psalms (Bach/Leidzen)– Verlene Garber, organ                                                                     
Call to Worship–George Leary
One: Come, you who seek God, proclaim God’s glory!
Many: All you descendants of Jacob and Rachel,
One: come.
Many: All who are isolated and feel alone,
One: come.
Many: All who are hungry,
One: come.
Many: All who wander,
One: come.
Many: Come, from all ends of the earth.
All: Come, you who seek God, proclaim God’s glory, and walk in faith.
(based on Psalm 22:23–31)
*Hymn–How Many Times We Start Again–VT 553
Children’s Conversation–Orlando Gonzalez, Adah Hodge, Adam Oswald
Cast Your Burdens Unto Jesus
Anthem– Outburst of Joy (Dobrinski)– Chancel Bells
Scripture Reading– Mark 8:34-37; Colossians 3:12-17–Lucy Burch
Reflections–Faith Fusion—Adah Hodge, Ani Koontz, Mara Oswald
*Hymn–Will You Come and Follow Me–VT 540
Prayers of God’s People–Nathan Koontz
    Prayer of Confession
One: Trustworthy God, we want to live with faith, yet we worry there will not be enough. We want to believe in your promises, yet we lose hope. We want to follow you, but sometimes the road is too hard.
Many: We confess before you our unbelief, our worry, our hopelessness.
One: Shape us into a people who will live in faith. Strengthen us so we can deny ourselves, take up your cross, and follow you.
Many: In your grace, Lord, give us faith to believe that you will call into existence the things that do not exist. Amen.
*Hymn—Guide My Feet—VT 816
Postlude– Give Us Peace in Our Time (arr. by Allured)

* You are invited to stand
VT—Voices Together
Keyboard- Verlene Garber
Audio visual—John Thiesen