March 6, 2022 Worship Service

March 6, 2022
Lent 1: From security to generosity

Prelude—Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word  (Manz and Rhosymedre – Vaughn Williams)—Verlene Garber, organ

Introit—Calm me Lord [VT 680]—Chancel Choir; director William Eash; accompanist Verlene Garber

Lighting the Christ Candle—Raylene Hinz-Penner

Land Acknowledgement   

Land Acknowledgement compiled by Florence Schloneger from words by Mark Charles and VT #878 
As we do on the first Sunday of each month,
we acknowledge that we worship
on the land of the Kanza, Osage, and Wichita.   
We thank them for their care and respect for this land
and acknowledge the injustice of their forced removal. 
and find new paths of right relationships with them
and all of creation.

Welcome and Prayer    

*Hymn—Holy Spirit, Come with Power— VT 57

Kin-dom Report—Janeen Bertsche Johnson

Children’s Conversation—Bethany Schrag, Jill Robb, Yolanda Kauffman                                                               

Worship Music—God so Loved the World (Stainer)—Chancel Choir

Scripture Reading—Luke 4:1-13—Carol Flickinger

Sermon—Found in the Wilderness—Janeen Bertsche Johnson

*Hymn—Fill Us with Your Feast—VT 309

Communion—Renee Reimer and Todd Schlosser

Prayers of God’s people—Raylene Hinz-Penner

*Hymn—We, Your People, Sing Your Praises—VT 849                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

*Benediction—Janeen Bertsche Johnson

Benediction Response—We are Often Tossed and Driven [VT 311]—Chancel Choir

Postlude—Trumpet Tune (Johnson)—Verlene Garber

VT = Voices Together

Audio visual—Ken Lamp
Pastors—Renee Reimer, Nathan Koontz, and Todd Schlosser

Janeen Bertsche Johnson from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) joins BCMC for worship this Sunday.  Janeen will share about AMBS during the kinship time and offers the morning sermon on this upcoming first Sunday of Lent.  The following is from her short biography on the AMBS website.

“Janeen brings to her ministry a passion for worship, music, community, and encouraging the gifts of others. She graduated from Bluffton College (now University), then entered seminary at AMBS, graduating with the MDiv in 1989.

After serving six years on the pastoral team of Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church in Wichita, KS., she returned to AMBS as campus pastor. She also has roles in admissions, alumni relations, and teaching. Janeen has been a member of the Executive Board of Mennonite Church USA from 2003 to 2011, and has served on many other conference and denominational committees and boards.”