Announcements for November 6-13, 2020

We invite prayers for Joyce Holck and family on the death of her husband, Marvin Holck, November 1, 2020.  The memorial service was Friday, November 6 at Dyck Arboretum, Hesston, KS.

We invite prayers for Willis Harder and family on the death of his wife, Dorothy, November 4.  A private memorial service and inurnment are tentatively scheduled for next weekend.  

From the Finance Committee:
     The annual BCMC pledge drive is now called the bcmcXpress!  Multiple factors were involved in the name change, including that this is more in tune with our common purpose statement: “Our faith in a God of love leads us by the power of the spirit to follow Jesus in doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God.”  We know that to some extent the Pony Express played a part in the decimation of the Native American population in our country.  So, it was time for a change! 
     There will be no door to door handing out of the envelope as in the past. Those of you that have email contact from the church will receive an email with a “Giving Intent Form” that is fairly simple to fill out.  If you do not receive email from the church, the information should come to you via regular mail. 
     November 8 is Stewardship Sunday. The theme this year is “Where your treasure is, there is your heart” – taken from Matthew 6:19 to 21.

     In his sermon on the Mount, Jesus makes a connection between our treasure and our hearts: Not only do the possessions, money and property we accumulate tell the story of what we value; Jesus seems to suggest that the treasure we possess has the power to shape our values, priorities and lives.  
     Our congregation’s upcoming bcmcXpress process provides us with opportunity to reflect again on the role of money and wealth in our lives.  How might generosity—our willingness to share what we have with our congregation and beyond—help free us from the power that treasure holds over our lives?

Mennonite Central Committee Meat Canning time is upon us.  BCMC’s days to work are November 10, 11, and 12 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).  John Hillegass (MCC, Akron, PA) and Jason Unruh (MCC, North Newton) are working to make this season’s canning experience as safe as possible.  Masks will be required, temperatures scanned and extra precautions taken with snacks.  The workload is being reduced to four batches per day instead of six or seven and we should be finishing by late afternoon.  Starting time is 7 am.  If you don’t feel comfortable working, one can send a check to BCMC and write “MCC Meat Canning” on the memo line.  As Maynard Knepp says:  “The need is great.”   Thanks, Lowell Stucky, BCMC Meat Canning Representative, 316-283-9677 (please leave message.)

BCMC’s week to provide volunteers and meals to New Hope shelter is coming up Nov. 18-24.  We need some evening volunteers, overnight volunteers, and meals.  New Hope takes every Covid precaution, but I understand that that does not give 100% assurance.  If you have interest in helping, please contact Valetta Seymour at   or 620-217-7536.

According to the latest numbers, we still need $666.12 to cover the elevator repair.  Based on the estimate from Regier Construction, we need $35,081.03 to cover the kitchen/fellowship hall renovation.
Contributions from January 1 through October 31 were $367,730 and expenses were $385,667, leaving a shortfall of $17,937.  
 ~ Mike Claassen, BCMC Finance Manager

BCMC Offering for October 25—November 1:  General Fund $4,742; MCC Meat Canning $225; Transfer-General $100; Office Expense $50; Living Stones $155; Bethel College Scholarship Fund $1,000; Elevator Repair $1,050.

The Hesston College Nursing program is partnering with Slate Creek Elementary, and looking for reusable mask donations from local businesses and organizations.  There are 200 students total who need pediatric sized masks.  The goal Hesston College Nursing has for the school is to promote mask hygiene, and the students will need another mask while they wait for theirs to dry after washing.  We understand that 200 masks is quite the undertaking, so any number of masks that you would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.   If you would like to donate some child-sized masks, you can bring them to the BCMC office and the office will see to it that these masks are delivered to the Hesston College Nursing Program.  — Noah Miller, Hesston College Nursing Program

Everence to hold Medicare webinar: Nov. 16
Everence will host its popular workshop, Make Medicare an easy step, as a webinar on Monday, Nov. 16 at 6:30 p.m. Attendees will learn about the various Medicare plans and what they cover; plans that supplement Medicare; and enrollment details and deadlines. This webinar is free. Please register by contacting our office at 877-467-7294, 316-283-3800 or 
*Attendance is recommended for those approaching retirement or those ready to sign up for Medicare. 
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Mennonite Mission Network Prayer Request:   Janie and Neal Blough have retired in France after 45 years of ministry there through Mennonite Mission Network. Pray for them as they continue to serve by teaching and providing worship resources to congregations throughout Europe and beyond.

Western District Conference Prayer Request:  Pray for WDC pastor peer groups as they meet virtually or in person to offer support and encouragement to one another in their ministry.

Western District Conference Announcements:
· Giving Tuesday is December 1 – Western District Conference invites you to join this global giving initiative! Share a gift with WDC during this season, to help our congregations Witness & invite others to faith in Jesus Christ, Dwell in just & loving relationships, and Connect to God’s mission in the world. You may make an online contribution HERE or send a check to Western District Conference, PO Box 306, North Newton KS  67117. Thank you for your generosity!  
· Did you miss the WDC webinar “Connect:  Faith Formation in Challenging Times”?  You can watch a recording of the web and/or read through a list of the faith formation in the digital age resources that were referred to during the webinar at: 

Camp Mennoscah announcements
· Camp Mennoscah is a year-round campground!  Ask about winterized facilities or conquer the prairie wilds in a tent.  It’s a whole new world in the winter–and available for you!  Contact Camp Mennoscah at 620-297-3290 to make a reservation.

Bethel College Announcements:
· Bethel College Women’s Association has worked to raise money for Bethel for many years.  This August we are opening our first online store,  We invite you to help us support Bethel by checking this online market for crafts, jewelry, Bethel-themed items and much more. Our inventory will change over time so please check in to find that special gift or item for your home. 
· Baked goods sign up:  A call-out for local bakers to support Bethel College. For years Bethel College Women’s Association (BCWA) has been a location for 5 Places of Christmas selling crafts and baked goods. BCWA is asking for support in making baked items for the event which is December 5. Please follow the link below for sign-up options. Thanks for your continued support of Bethel College!

Now on display in the Regier Art Gallery, Luyken Fine Arts Center, at Bethel College: “Noir + More,” recent work by Denise Brueggeman. Gallery hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri. Please note that face coverings must be worn and physical distancing observed on the Bethel campus.

KIPCOR’s ONLINE 2020-2021 Film Series
The November film is Cooked: Survival by Zip Code, a multiple-award winning documentary that focuses on the deadly 1995 Chicago heat wave to illustrate how minorities and low-income citizens suffer the most negative impact from natural disasters.  The film is an indictment of our nation’s disaster preparedness, and forges a link between extreme weather, extreme disparity, and extreme racism. 
Note that watching the film and participating in the Talk-back are two distinct, separate events. 
YOU MUST VIEW THIS FILM BETWEEN NOV. 8 AND NOV. 14 using this link and password:
Click here to view film:
Password:  KC30p0 
Then on Sunday, November 15 at 2 pm, KIPCOR will host a virtual discussion of the film on Zoom with Christy Miller Hesed, a Hesston resident and Postdoctoral Associate in Environmental Anthropology at the University of Maryland.  Go to KIPCOR’s website at to register for the November 15 Talk-back discussion, and
we will send you the Zoom link on November 13.  Advance registration is required.

Mennonite Church USA Announcements:
· Mennonite Church USA offers these resources for election time: A statement on what it means to be a peacemaker at such a time: And the latest article on how different congregations across the country are preparing for potential violence in their cities:  
· Giving Tuesday is coming up on December 1. Your contribution to Mission Network will help us Be the Gospel through our valued partnerships, ministries, and resources. Visit to give on or before December 1. 
· Looking for a non-traditional pastoral role? Become a unit leader in Service Adventure, a gap-year program for ages 17–20 from Mennonite Mission Network. Unit leaders, at least 24 years of age, serve as mentors to the young adults in the household. Learn more by contacting