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Note: the service starts at about 9 minutes into the recording

February 14, 2021, 9:30 am
Dedication of Voices Together

Prelude—Verlene Garber

Lighting the Christ Candle—Dale Schrag

Inviting God’s presence—As We Rise, O God, to Meet You—Voices Together (VT) 39                 

Welcome, call to worship, and prayer—Dale Schrag

Hymns of Gathering and Praise

     Uyai mose (Come All You People)—VT 2

     All People That on Earth Do Dwell—VT 5

Children’s Conversation—Renee Reimer

Scripture Reading—excerpts from 1 Corinthians 12—Dale Schrag

Meditation—Our voices together—Dawn Yoder Harms

Litany of dedication

Hymn of response—Summoned by the God Who Made Us—VT 1

Prayers of God’s people—Dale Schrag

Sending Hymn—Sing a new world into being—VT 809

Benediction—The Lord lift you up—VT 832                                                                                   

VT  =  Voices Together

Musicians—Verlene Garber, Bethany Schrag, Tim Schrag, Renee Reimer, Ben Lichti

Audio visual—Ken Lamp

Pastors—Renee Reimer, Nathan Koontz, Dawn Yoder Harms