Worship Service and Announcements for Easter Sunday – March 31, 2024

Easter Sunday – March 31, 2024

Bethel College Mennonite Church Worship Service and Announcements for 
 March 31, 2024

Easter Sunday
Christ Among Us!

Our faith in a God of love leads us, by the power of the Spirit,
to follow Jesus in doing justice, loving mercy, 
and walking humbly with God

To livestream the worship service:
On Sunday morning, around 9:20 a.m., go to BCMC’s webpage at bethelcollegemennonitechurch.org and click the green button labeled LIVE STREAM on the right side of the screen, which will take you to the worship service. If you get a message in the black box that the video is unavailable, click the gray box below that says “View Live Stream on YouTube”.   Anytime after the service concludes, you can watch a recording of the service at your convenience by clicking the same green LIVE STREAM button.  Again, you will probably have to go to the gray box that says “View Live Stream on YouTube”.  That will transfer you to the BCMC YouTube Channel.  You will have to click on the tab “Videos” to see all of the BCMC videos. Click the red button to see the bulletin/order of service. 
OR – click on this link for this Sunday:  https://youtube.com/live/qemk2qYw9gk?feature=share


The Easter Sunrise Service, hosted by the Senior High Youth Group, will be Sunday, March 31, 7:10 a.m
., at Hank and Elaine Prouty’s home, 332 N. Hoover Road, Newton.  (Thank you Hank and Elaine!)
Please bring a dish to share for the breakfast potluck to follow.  Coffee, water, orange juice, milk and table service will be provided.

Bring a Garden Hat on Easter Sunday! 
 All gardeners, past and present, are invited to stand briefly at some point during the children’s conversation, while wearing an outdoor work hat.

Easter Sunday Service at BCMC-March 31, 2024
Come for the 9:45 a.m. Prelude for Easter
—Will Wiebe-Friesen will be playing an organ prelude for the worship service on Easter Sunday. Come to enjoy the special Easter music. 
The Easter worship service is at 10 a.m. with sermon by Nathan Koontz; music by Chancel Choir; March birthday blessing; No Sunday school

A small potting shed will be open to visitors immediately following worship. Come to the chapel and say hello to our friends – gardeners, plants, and seeds!

The Deacons Commission invites you to donate to the BCMC Caring Fund, which has been depleted due to the needs in our community. A fishbowl will be available for your donation in the back of the sanctuary. Thank you for your continued support.
The Deacons Commission

March 31, 2024
Easter Sunday
Christ Among Us!


Prelude—Crown Him with Many Crowns (arr. Westenkuehler)
Were You There? (arr. Bish)
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (arr. Wood)
Christ ist erstanden [VT 358] (J.S. Bach)—Will Wiebe-Friesen, organ
Christ Candle Lighting
Call to Worship—Esther Kreider Eash
One: When it is still dark, we come seeking Jesus.
Many: The risen Christ is here among us!
One: The stone has been rolled away, walls torn down.
Many: The risen Christ is here among us!
One: The burial cloth removed, his body transformed.
Many: The risen Christ is here among us!
One: Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, and John see and believe.
All: We find the risen Christ among us who has made all things new!
The tomb is empty, the way of Love has prevailed!
One: Peace be with you!
Many: Peace be with you!
*Hymn—Lift Your Glad Voices—VT 340
Anthem—The Earth Is Risen (Gwyneth Walker)—Chancel Choir; Riley King, director; Will Wiebe-Friesen, accompanist
Children’s Conversation—Judy Harder
*Hymn—Now the Green Blade Rise—VT 353
Scripture Reading—John 20:1-18; Acts 10:34-43—Jim Robb, Mary Jane Waltner
*Hymn—The Risen Christ—VT 345
Meditation—The Gardener—Nathan Koontz
*Hymn—Christ the Lord Is Risen Today—VT 346
Prayers of God’s People
Prayer of Rejoicing
One: Risen Jesus, you make all things new.
Many: You call us by name to come to you.
One: You come preaching peace and forgiving sins.
Many: You prepare a feast for us and wipe away all tears.
All: You bring life everlasting. We rejoice in your salvation, Lord of all!
*Hymn—Thine Is the Glory—VT 355—People with March birthdays come forward for a blessing, please bring a hymnal
*Birthday Blessing & Benediction
Postlude—In Thee Is Gladness (arr. Portman)—Will Wiebe-Friesen
* You are invited to stand
VT—Voices Together
Keyboard—Will Wiebe-Friesen
Audio visual—Ken Lamp

The Easter Lilies Easter morning were shared by the following people:
Given by
John & Jan Albertson–In memory of:  Herman & Clara Siemens; William and Evelyn Albertson
Marlene Faul, Sharon, Mary & Families–In memory of James O.Faul
Carol Flickinger & Roger Juhnke– In memory of Ray & Cornelia Juhnke;Virgil & Anna Grace Flickinger 
Keith & Judy Harder–In memory of Tim Harder
Barb & Dick Koontz–In honor of Elmer “Bob” Delk;
                                                                       In memory of Elbert & Ruth Koontz,
                                                                       In memory of Aldene Delk 
Jennifer & Matt Koontz & family– In memory of Imogene Scott
Sondra Koontz– In memory of Philip Koontz
John & Rachel Pannabecker–In memory of Our Parents
Marles Preheim & Family–In memory of Norma Preheim  
Lonny & Mary Regier–In memory of Ron Roupp
Louise Thieszen–In memory of Carl Thieszen
Lenore Waltner & Family–In memory of James Waltner   

Staff Vacations:  Elizabeth Schmidt will be on vacation April 2-9.  Roger Neufeld Smith will be on vacation Apr. 5-9. 

BCMC Offering for March 24:  General Fund $8,080; Caring Fund $933.50; Flower Fund $30; Kitchen Fund $7; Women’s Fellowship $500; Solar Fund $2,000; Wed Supper $253.75

Roger will be back in Newton Mon., Apr. 1 and will remain until the Church Board meeting April 4. Roger checks his email and phone regularly.  Feel free to contact him via email, text or phone (785-220-1968.)

Chancel Choir Director Position at BCMC:  BCMC is looking for a Chancel Choir Director to begin in August 2024. This is a part-time position, August 15-May 15. As part of the team of musicians on the church staff, the director is responsible for music selection, rehearsals, and performances of the Chancel Choir. The choir sings approximately two times per month during September—May and participates in a Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols service and Easter Sunday service. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30.  Inquiries should be addressed to Barbara Thiesen, BCMC Music Coordinator at thiesenjba@gmail.com  Application forms are available from Monica Lichti, BCMC Office/Facilities Manager at office@bethelcollegemennonitechurch.org or 316-283-3667.

This Week at BCMC:  March 31—April 7, 2024
Sunday, March 31, 2024
9:45 a.m. Prelude—10 a.m. Worship —No Sunday School Today—Happy Easter!
YouTube Link for this Sunday:
Monday, April 1, 2024
10 a.m.    Library Committee meeting in Room 14
Wednesday, April 3, 2024
4 p.m.         Abuse Prevention & Response Committee meeting in Room 14
6:30 p.m.    Gifts Discernment Committee meeting in Room 14
7:30 p.m.   Chancel Choir Rehearsal in the sanctuary
Thursday, April 4, 2024
10:30 a.m. Staff meeting
4 p.m.         Staff Congregation Relations Committee meeting in Room 14
7 p.m.         Church Board meeting in Room 14
Sunday, April 7, 2024
9:30 a.m.    Worship with sermon by Nathan Koontz; music by Chancel Choir
10:45 a.m.  Faith Formation

Future Events at BCMC:
· April 13, 11 a.m., memorial service for Don Kaufman followed by lunch in Fellowship Hall.
· April 27-28 BCMC Church Retreat at Camp Mennoscah  MARK YOUR
 It’s nearly time for the annual BCMC retreat (no Halstead First Mennonite this year) at Camp Mennoscah! The retreat is April 27 & 28, and will again feature all kinds of fun activities. Come for Saturday, Sunday, or both! There will be meals and all sorts of fun activities, including Sunday morning worship (there will be no live-stream), at 10 a.m.  The registration form and schedule has been emailed. We look forward to seeing you again on the sandy soil of the Ninnescah!   If you can’t register on-line, call or email  the church office.

Registration is LIVE for the BCMC Camp Mennoscah Retreat, which is on April 27 & 28! Arrival can officially happen after 1 PM on Saturday, and you are welcome to come for Saturday, Sunday, or both, with the option to spend the night. The retreat concludes with Sunday morning worship at 10 AM and lunch at 11:30 AM. If interested in attending, you can use the link here: Camp Mennoscah Retreat Registration – April 27/28, 2024 to sign up. This is very helpful in terms of planning for meals. If you would like more information about the retreat, it can be found at this link: BCMC Mennoscah Retreat Information. If you have any questions, please reach out to Adam Robb in church OR via email or phone – both of which are in the directory!

The BCMC Witness Commission encourages you to attend a peace vigil this Wed., April 3, 7 p.m., in front of the Bethel College Ad Building, to mourn the deaths in Gaza and Israel since Oct. 7, 2023 and to call for peace.  This event is hosted by the Bethel College Community for Justice and Peace (a student group) All are welcome. 

The Bethel College Community for Justice and Peace is asking for community help ringing the bell as part of our demonstration to mourn the loss of life in Gaza and Israel. 33 hours of ringing for 33,000 lives. Wednesday at 7:00 PM, outside of the Administration Building, our demonstration event will kick off the ringing until 10:30 PM that night, and then Thursday and Friday 7:30 am-10:30 pm. Please use the signup sheet below to sign up! Thank you for participating in this historic event on Bethel College campus. 
Bell-Ringers: Sign Up Sheet

Please join Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus at one or both of our concerts this year:  The first is April 7 at  Bethel College 4 p.m.  The second is April 21 at Tabor College 4 p.m.  This year we are including the Newton Children’s Community Choir, the Flannelbacks and the Menno Brass. 

The annual meeting of the Community Playschool Corporation will be held  Tues, April 9, 7:15 p.m. at the Bethel College Mennonite Church Fellowship Hall. Interested members of the congregations supporting Community Playschool are invited to attend. Entrance to the building will be at the south side of the church and make your way to the lower level of the church by stairs or elevator.

Volunteer at New Hope Shelter: BCMC is one of 24 local congregations providing regular volunteer support to New Hope Shelter in Newton. New Hope serves homeless men, women, and children from Harvey, Butler, Marion, and McPherson counties. About five times a year, BCMC and Faith Mennonite partner to cover one week of evening shifts. We provide a meal for 25-30 people and two volunteers who stay through the evening to support an evening staff person. We can always use more help to meet this commitment, and participation can be regular or occasional. Our next shift will be May 1-7. If you’re interested or would like more details,  email Cynthia Linscheid at cdlin319@gmail.com. Thank you to all who have volunteered for New Hope, either recently or in the past!

Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale (KMRS)–April 12 & 13, 2024–is one way to support the world-wide relief, development, and peace efforts of Mennonite Central Committee.
· Volunteers needed! The volunteer page at https://kansas.mccsale.org/ lists opportunities for next Saturday April 6 (make Bohne Beroggi in Moundridge or Verenike in Hillsboro) or for April 12-13 to serve or sell food, fry verenike, help with auctions, and so much more. If you have trouble signing up online, ask for help from one of the BCMC liaisons.
· PIES & ZWIEBACK! Because it’s Easter, there is no table of bags & tins today. Next Sunday, the sign-ups will return to the back of the sanctuary after church. We currently need 5 more pies and 17 dozen more zwieback. FYI — The request for zwieback is more this year because it’s back on the Feeding the Multitudes menu. If you want to sign up before next Sunday, contact Esther Eash.
· The My Coins Count jug in the Gathering Place is VERY HEAVY! Check out the sign by the jug to learn how heavy it is. We have ONE MORE SUNDAY (April 7) to add coins and bills so more people can have better access to clean water. 
· Auction Items! BCMC members and friends have donated many items to be sold at one of 4 different KMRS auctions. You can see pictures and descriptions of some of these offerings on the KMRS website under “Auction Item Listings” … and look at the lovely offerings in the quilt gallery. 
· More Information: The KMRS posterboard & table in the Gathering Place, the KMRS website https://kansas.mccsale.org/ or ask a BCMC liaison: Steve & Elaine Schurr, William & Esther Kreider Eash, and Brad & Diane Born. 

Mennonite Central Committee invites you to take the challenge: A month of climate actions for peace! Sign up to get your free calendar with a different climate action you can take each day in April. From learning to praying to advocating, this month of activities will help you take action to address climate change. Join the challenge as an individual, family, church or small group. Sign up today for A Month of Climate Actions for Peace at mcc.org/month-climate-action-peace!

Mennonite Central Commitee’s Sharing With Appalachian People (SWAP) home repair program is seeking summer staff in Kimball, West Virginia or Elkhorn City, Kentucky. These three-month positions for Job Site Coordinators and Meals Coordinators will allow you to explore new cultures, develop skills, build friendships and live out your faith. Applicants should be at least 19 years old, but the roles are not limited to young adults. An hourly wage plus room and board are provided. For more information and to apply, visit mcc.org/swap-summer-meals or mcc.org/swap-summer-job-site. Or contact the MCC Appalachia SWAP office at (606) 634-4418 or AppalachiaAdmin@mcc.org.

MCC Sale Announcement:  MCC Material Resources Center in North Newton is critically low on inventory for Relief Kits.  YOU CAN HELP by bringing supplies to the MCC Sale.   There will be carts in the Meadowlark (Quilt Building) to collect your supplies. These are the needed supplies to complete kits:  new infant sleepers (6-12 month sizes); bath towels (dark colored, light to medium weight); laundry bar soap (such as Fels Naptha or Zote brands); shampoo (20 oz min) and spiral notebooks (70 sheets). 

Bethel College Announcements
Weds., April 3 – Bethel College Community for Justice and Peace (a student group) will host a peace vigil to mourn the deaths in Gaza and Israel since Oct. 7, 2023, and to call for peace, 7 p.m.in front of the Ad Building. All are welcome.

All interested singers are invited to participate in Bethel College’s annual Masterworks concert on April 28, featuring Benjamin Britten’s Rejoice in the Lamb and Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Dona Nobis Pacem. Sign up online at https://forms.gle/Auu4FaYBcaLwKDuF6 so that your contact information is available for digital rehearsal materials, etc., or come to the first rehearsal Tues., April 2, 6 p.m.Choir Room in Luyken Fine Arts Center at Bethel College. Rehearsals are April 2, 9, 16, 23 (Tuesdays) & 26 (Friday), 6-8 p.m., and April 27 (Saturday), 3-6 p.m.

Fri., April 5 – Senior recital by Bethel College student Eli Regier, saxophone, 7 p.m.Administration Building chapel

Sat., April 6 – Kauffman Museum bird walk, 7 a.m. start time in the museum parking lot at the corner of Main and 27th streets (2801 N. Main St., North Newton 67117). Experienced birders lead a walk of 1-1.5 hours in Chisholm Park and on Sand Creek Trail (terrain is mostly wood-chip path and sometimes uneven/sloping).

Sat., April 6 – Senior recital by Bethel College student Angelika Donaldson, voice, 4 p.m.Administration Building chapel

Sun., April 7 – KIPCOR Film Series presents Estamos Unidos, 2 p.m.Krehbiel Auditorium in Luyken Fine Arts Center. The film by Alvaro M. Morales follows a migrant caravan’s journey from Honduras to Mexico City in 2019. A talkback follows the screening; a freewill offering will be taken to support KIPCOR and the film series.

You’re invited to a virtual estate planning webinar, hosted by Bethel College Advancement and led by experts from Everence and Adrian & Pankratz LLC of Newton.
• Thurs., April 11, 6-7 p.m. – Dennis LeFevre, Everence; Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84488722318
• Thurs., April 18, 6-7 p.m. – Cindy Wiens & Randy Pankratz, Adrian & Pankratz; Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82173808179
These webinars are free, with no pre-registration required – just show up using the appropriate Zoom link.
Questions? Contact George Leary, Director of Development, 316-284-5226 or gleary@bethelks.edu

Sun., April 14 – Bethel College Heritage Roll of Honor Memorial Service, 2 p.m.Administration Building chapel or online at https://youtube.com/live/iZJ0fdOHc8M?feature=share Reception following in the Mantz Library lounge.
Sun., April 14 – Junior recital by Bethel College student Peter Buller, piano and oboe, 7 p.m.Administration Building chapel
Now in the Regier Gallery in Luyken Fine Arts Center at Bethel College – annual Student Art Exhibit, featuring the work of 41 students (artist books, ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting and print-making) through Fri., April 19. Gallery hours are Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Sun. 2-4 p.m.

On Friday, April 12, at 7:30 pm in Bethel’s Krehbiel Auditorium,  4 Bethel College students will compete in the C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest.   This annual, binational, intercollegiate speech contest, held at Mennonite and Brethren in Christ colleges, asks participants to speak on the topic of peace and apply it to contemporary concerns.  The winner from each college goes on to compete in the binational competition for cash prizes and scholarships to attend a peace-related conference.  We encourage BCMC congregational members to come support Bethel students in this final round and see who is chosen to go on and compete in the binational competition!  A cookie reception will be held while judges deliberate.  

Western District Conference invites you to visit our website to read the latest news, stories and announcements

Just a reminder, April 1, 2024 is the deadline to purchase tickets to the Mennonite Heritage & Agricultural Museum’s Heritage Dinner, April 5, 6:30 pm, at Tabor Mennonite Church. Mayleen Thiesen Vinson will share an entertaining and insightful portrayal of Fru Schmidt’s dilemma—what to pack for her family? Contact the museum by April 1 (620.367.8200 or email goesselmuseum@gmail.com) to reserve your tickets for the Low German sausage meal catered by Goessel Grocery & Deli. Prices are $75 per person, ages 12 and under are $15, and first-time attenders are $40.  

For Anabaptist Disabilities Network press here
For Mennonite Mission Network “News and Beyond” press here
For Mennonite World Conference press here
Mennonite Church USA Announcements

MC USA Administration has awarded Mennonite Action an unrestricted $10,000 grant from the Church Peace Tax Fund. Mennonite Action is an independent, grass roots movement of Mennonites taking public action to stop war and end the occupation of Palestine. Read more here: mennoniteusa.org/news/menno-action-peace-tax-fund

Peaceful Options for Training and Careers, an independent initiative formed by MC USA and Mennonite Central Committee, has begun training volunteer counselors to help young adults find non-military career, service and training opportunities. Read more here: mennoniteusa.org/news/potc-mobilizes

Subscribe to PeaceMail to receive MC USA’s blogs, together with news and resources in one weekly email. Subscribe to PeaceMail here: mennoniteusa.org/peacemail

Menno Snapshots

Abby Endashaw, Mennonite Central Committee young adult program coordinator, reflects on the life-giving aspects of the Hope for the Future conference. This blog is part of MC USA’s Hope for the Future series. Read more about her experience here: mennoniteusa.org/community-connection-longevity

Mennonite Mission Network Prayer Request:  On this Easter Sunday, join MMN in praying for peace and abundant life in Israel and Palestine, the land where Jesus lived, embodied his teachings, was murdered and rose victorious from the dead.
Western District Conference Prayer Request:  May the Lord guide us and provide financial opportunities for the Guatemala learning tour that is in the planning process. We pray for the safety of all future travelers and that their eyes and ears to be opened to their new surroundings. -WDC Church Planting Commission

Bethel College Mennonite Church is an open and affirming congregation
centered in the life and teachings of Jesus. Embracing the divine within each person, we warmly welcome any and all into fellowship without regard to race, ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability,
economic status, marital status, or age.