View the worship service for September 10, 2023

September 10, 2023
Prelude—In Summer (Charles Albert Stebbins)—Karen Schlabaugh; My Lord What a Morning (Eithun)—Chancel Bells; Verlene Garber, director
Christ Candle Lighting
Welcome and Prayer—Brad Kohlman
*Hymn—What Is This Place?—VT 22  
Children’s Conversation—“Backpack Blessing”—Jill Robb
Worship Music—Steal Away & Swing Low (Moklebust)—Chancel Bells
Scripture Reading—Isaiah 61:1-4; Acts 6:1-7—Sheryl and Kevin Goering
Sermon—Church Politics—Roger Neufeld Smith
*Hymn—The Church of Christ Cannot be Bound—VT #392  
Prayers of God’s People
*Hymn—Heart With Loving Heart United—VT 813  
Benediction—The Lord Lift You Up—VT 832
Postlude—Karen Schlabaugh

VT—Voices Together     *You are invited to stand
Audio-visual—Francis Toews