View the worship service for July 23, 2023

July 23, 2023

PreludeSalut d’Amout (Edward Elgar)—Karen Schlabaugh

Christ Candle Lighting

Welcome—VT 851

Invocation—VT 857

Songs for Gathering

VT 6 Let’s walk together (piano, guitar) (Verse 1 octet, verse 2 & 3 congregation.)

VT 28 Come, Christians, join to sing (organ/acapella) (Verse 1 and 3 with organ, verse 2 acapella)

Song With Children: 

VT 63 Like a rock

Song of Praise

VT 101 Sing praise to God who reigns (verses 1 and 4 in unison, 2 and 3 parts)

Telling God’s Story

            From the OT: VT 185 (Psalm 104)

VT 175 Planets humming as they wander

            From the NT: 295 (Matthew 5:3-12)

VT 290 Blessed are you

Confessing  Our Faith

VT 419 Great is thy faithfulness (acapella)

Sharing Our Stories

VT 625 Far above the noise of life (octet sing verse 1, congregation sing verse 2, octet sing the second ending)

Prayers of God’s People—VT 996

The Lord’s Prayer—VT 675 Abana Alathi—(octet sing each phrase, congregation sing repeat)

Benediction—VT 822 (Romans 15:5-6)

Sending Song

VT 769 Now I know—(Ron Garber, leader, congregation echo)

PostludeWhen in our Music God is Glorified—(Robert A. Hobby)—Cynthia Neufeld Smith

Thank you to the participants of this Sunday’s hymn sing:

Song Leader—Cynthia Neufeld Smith

Audio-visual—Ken Lamp

Violin—Rebecca Schloneger  

Flute—Susie Swartley 

Guitar—Roger Neufeld Smith

Scripture Reader—Elizabeth Schmidt

Octet—Ron Garber, Verlene Garber, Cynthia Linscheid, Dave Linscheid, Virginia Mininger, Joe Peters, Bill Swartley, Susie Swartley

Accompanists—Verlene Garber and Karen Schlabaugh