View the worship service for February 5, 2023


February 5, 2023

Church b changin’

Prelude—Lucy Burch, Will Wiebe-Friesen

Christ Candle Lighting—Maisie Brubacher, Payne Claassen

Land Acknowledgement—Lily Schloneger

Welcome and Prayer—Justin Zerger

*Hyrs—Here in This Place—VT 10

Children’s Conversation—Adah Hodge, Abram Wall

*Hyrs—Guide My Feet—VT 816

Scripture Reading—Galatians 3:26-28—Emma Gering

Reflections—Ani Koontz, Mara Oswald

*Hyrs—Rain Down—VT 703— Ani Koontz, solo- verse 1; Lucy Burch, flute; Chancel Choir- verses 2,3; Congregation-chorus

Prayers of God’s People—Ani Koontz

*Hyrs—You Shall Go Out with Joy—VT 847

*Benediction—Mara Oswald

Postlude—Lily Schloneger

* You are invited to stand

VT = Voices Together

Chancel Choir Director—Riley King; accompanist—Will Wiebe-Friesen

Keyboard- Will Wiebe-Friesen

Audio visual— Ben Lichti

Pastor—Nathan Koontz