View the Worship Service for Feb. 4, 2024

February 4, 2024

Christ Candle Lighting
Centering Music— I’m Bound for the Promised Land (arr. Bish)—Will Wiebe-Friesen
Land Acknowledgement—Esther Kreider Eash
Welcome and Prayer—Esther Kreider Eash
*Hymn—You Are Salt for the Earth—VT 297
Kin-dom Report—Junior High Youth Report on Snow Camp at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp
Children’s Conversation—Junior High Youth
Anthem—Give to Our God Immortal Praise (John Ferguson)— Chancel Choir; Riley King, director; Will Wiebe-Friesen, accompanist
Kin-dom Report—Anti-Racism Training—Elizabeth Schmidt and Lil Peters
Scripture Reading—Mark 1:29-39—Abby Koontz
Sermon—Journey Inward, Journey Outward—Roger Neufeld Smith
*Hymn—Lead Me, Guide Me—VT 601
Prayers of God’s People
*Hymn—Come Walk With Us—VT 23
Postlude—March on a Gregorian Theme (A. Guilmant)—Will Wiebe-Friesen
* You are invited to stand
VT—Voices Together
Keyboard—Will Wiebe-Friesen
Audio visual—Ben Lichti