View the worship service for Easter, March 31, 2024

March 31, 2024
Easter Sunday
Christ Among Us!

Prelude—Crown Him with Many Crowns (arr. Westenkuehler)

Were You There? (arr. Bish)

I Know That My Redeemer Lives (arr. Wood)

Christ ist erstanden [VT 358] (J.S. Bach)—Will Wiebe-Friesen, organ

Christ Candle Lighting

Call to Worship—Esther Kreider Eash

One: When it is still dark, we come seeking Jesus.

Many: The risen Christ is here among us!

One: The stone has been rolled away, walls torn down.

Many: The risen Christ is here among us!

One: The burial cloth removed, his body transformed.

Many: The risen Christ is here among us!

One: Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, and John see and believe.

All: We find the risen Christ among us who has made all things new!

The tomb is empty, the way of Love has prevailed!

One: Peace be with you!

Many: Peace be with you!

*Hymn—Lift Your Glad Voices—VT 340

Anthem—The Earth Is Risen (Gwyneth Walker)—Chancel Choir; Riley King, director; Will Wiebe-Friesen, accompanist

Children’s Conversation—Judy Harder

*Hymn—Now the Green Blade Rise—VT 353

Scripture Reading—John 20:1-18; Acts 10:34-43—Jim Robb, Mary Jane Waltner

*Hymn—The Risen Christ—VT 345

Meditation—The Gardener—Nathan Koontz

*Hymn—Christ the Lord Is Risen Today—VT 346

Prayers of God’s People

Prayer of Rejoicing

One: Risen Jesus, you make all things new.

Many: You call us by name to come to you.

One: You come preaching peace and forgiving sins.

Many: You prepare a feast for us and wipe away all tears.

All: You bring life everlasting. We rejoice in your salvation, Lord of all!

*Hymn—Thine Is the Glory—VT 355—People with March birthdays come forward for a blessing, please bring a hymnal

*Birthday Blessing & Benediction

Postlude—In Thee Is Gladness (arr. Portman)—Will Wiebe-Friesen

* You are invited to stand

VT—Voices Together

Keyboard—Will Wiebe-Friesen

Audio visual—Ken Lamp