April 17, 2022 – Easter

Easter, April 17, 2022
From Certainty to Openness
Seeking God’s Ways

Prelude—Llanfair (Powell); O filii et filiae (Held)—Verlene Garber

Christ Candle Lighting—Renee Reimer

*Introit—All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name—[VT 364] (arr. Hal Hopson)

vs 1: congregation & Chancel Choir; vs 2: choir only; vs 3: congregation & choir


Leader:        Christ is risen!

People:        He is risen indeed!

Call to Worship

Leader:        Together we seek the way of God—

Group 1:     the generous,

Group 2:     compassionate,

Group 1:     grace-filled,

Group 2:     inclusive,

Group 1:     abundant,

Group 2:     powerful,

Group 1:     unsettling,

All:             way of God.

Leader:       On this day that God has made, may our hearts be open to the good news:

        Christ is not here, for he is risen.

All:            Jesus Christ is risen indeed!

*Hymn—Christ the Lord Is Risen Today—VT 346            

Children’s Conversation—Renee Reimer

*Anthem—O God Our Help in Ages Past—[VT 203]—(arr. John Ferguson)

vs 1: congregation & choir; vs 2: all women; vs 3-4: choir only;

vs 5: all men; vs 6: congregation and choir

Scripture Reading—John 20:1-18—Todd Schlosser 

Sermon—Do not hold onto me—Nathan Koontz

*Hymn—Thine is the Glory—VT 355

Prayers of God’s People

Sung Benediction—For the Beauty of the Earth (arr. John Rutter)—Chancel Choir

BenedictionNathan Koontz

Postlude—Verlene Garber

* You are invited to stand

VT = Voices Together

Audio visual—Ken Lamp

Pastors—Renee Reimer, Nathan Koontz, Todd Schlosser