Announcements for June 26-July 3, 2022

This Week at BCMC:  June 26-July 4, 2022
Sunday, June 26
10:15 am    Fellowship Time with coffee and water served in the
Gathering Place
10:30 am    Faith Formation—Visitors welcome! 
Adult Classes (If meeting):  Agape Class (Rm B8) Bible Study (Rm 14); Catacombs (Rm B5); Fellowship (B7); Fine Arts (Rm 22); Issues and Christianity (Rm 23); Mosaic (Rm 20); Open Circle (Room 21); Seekers (Rm 28);
Sojourners (Chapel)
Sunday, July 3
9:30 am       Worship with sermon by Todd Schlosser
10:15 am     Fellowship Time in the Gathering Place
10:30 am     Faith Formation  
Monday, July 4—The church will be locked and the office closed for the Independence Day Holiday

Have you completed the survey?  Respond by July 1.
BCMC has contracted with Credence Company to help us assess congregational strengths and challenges and review our current leadership structures as we consider the future with new pastors.  As a part of the process, each congregant received an emailed letter and survey on June 15.  All are encouraged to complete  the survey and return it promptly; our consultants are hoping to receive all responses by July 1.  The survey can be completed online but will also be available in paper format for those who request it through the church office.  For households with shared email addresses, it is possible for more than one person to complete the survey received through one email address.  Names will differentiate surveys from the same household email address.  Credence staff is now beginning oral interviews through Zoom as well; the Church Board completed a group interview on Monday evening, June 20.  Please indicate on the survey if you are willing to be one of the 35 congregants who will be interviewed individually.  Thanks for your participation and thoughtful responses!

About the Survey: Please find the survey by using the following link: college-mennonite-church-discernment-process-survey/. 

Faith Formation would like for everyone to fill out a short survey regarding interest in attending an intergenerational Sunday School class this coming school year with our children and youth.  We are looking for adults who are interested in joining the class for one month out of the year.  Please take a look at the survey and see if any of the areas of opportunity to help will interest you.

We offer sympathy to the family of James ‘Jim’ Gaeddert.  James died June 15, 2022.    Jim’s children are Douglas (Lisa), Gregory (Terri),Bradley (Tracy Kruse), and Janelle Benninghoff (Dan).   BCMC member Joel Gaeddert is a grandchild (Crystal, Collin, and Brett).   A memorial service is being planned for July 23.  Details will come later.

Budget update:  For May 2022, income was $35,452 and expenses were $38,968.  For the year-to-date, income is $176,381 and expenses are 214,380.  – The Finance Committee

BCMC June 19 Offering:  General Fund $8,342; Library Reserve Fund $10; Living Stones $2,163.33; Screen Project $1,138; Kenneth Schmidt Memorial $25.

Pride Month at BCMC
During June Pride month celebrating LGBTQIA persons, we have pride flags flying all around our church campus.  In addition, these flags are in celebration of the recent resolutions passed at the MCUSA Special Delegate Assembly that open up access to the LGBTQIA persons in MCUSA and acknowledge previous harm that has been done to them by the church.  Also throughout the month of June, the BCMC Supportive Communities Network banner will be at the front of the sanctuary.  Finally, members from our congregation will also be attending a Unity March and potluck on June 25 in Wichita sponsored by Wichita Pride.  Go to their website for more details.  If you are planning on attending, please contact Nathan Koontz so he can get you a button.

On-call cookie crew. BCMC thanks those who have facilitated meals and receptions after memorial services in the past. Since April, a new Funeral Committee has hosted box lunches for families, with BCMC providing dessert. We may also host receptions after a service. With that in mind, could you provide cookies, bar cookies or brownies, if it suits? To join the on-call cookie crew, email Thank you. – Dennis and Kathy Campbell, Tom Jackson, Dave Linscheid, Kathryn Simmons and Doris Whillock

The Library theme for June and July is Caldecott and John Newbery Award Winners. We have many of these award winning books that would be of interest to both adults and children. Come check them out.  We are also continuing to accept and sell puzzles. Not only are they on the cart, but also below the new book section on the west wall. Just leave a suggested donation of $5 in the envelope and enjoy. We have a long list of books that we would like to add to our collection and this is a great way to support our efforts.

Update from the Church Board:
BCMC is in a time of transition, an “in-between” time of waiting and working in the boundary between what was and what will be.  These times are rich with possibility for new understanding of our past and current status and for re-envisioning and planning our future.  The following are updates on Church Board work during these transitional times:

Expanded Pastoral Time for Nathan Koontz:
The Church Board has approved a proposal to expand Nathan’s time from ½ time to ¾ time beginning June 13.  The MOU is through November 27; Nathan and the Church Board will review the arrangement together in October or November to determine continuation.  His additional work will focus on preaching (one additional Sunday each month) and performing the role of worship coordinator.  Worship coordination includes making arrangements for worship leaders, scripture readers, and children’s storytellers; liaison work with musicians; work with guest pastors; and other planning and tasks as appropriate.  Thank you, Nathan!

Screen Project:
It is with gratitude and excitement that we announce that we achieved the requested $12,200 commitment by the congregation to move ahead  with the new screen for the front of the sanctuary.  The church will also make a tithing donation to the International Rescue Committee as a part of this project.  Thanks to the screen study task group for all their fine work over the last two years!  And thanks to so many in our congregation who made an early donation to the project!  Additional donations will be needed in the coming months to complete the project.

Western District Conference Announcements

Western District Conference invites you to visit our website to read the latest news, stories and announcements and share them with your congregation!

Start out the morning with God at Western District Conference Assembly! – Tonya Ramer Wenger will be leading morning prayer Saturday and Sunday at 7 am at Camp Copass as part of our Annual Assembly. Camp Copass is on a lovely peninsula, so morning prayer will be by the lake. We hope you’ll join us. Register at:

WDC Annual Assembly Workshops – Mennonite World Conference Snapshot, Everence financial resources, Healthy Boundaries: What Is Your Pastor Learning?, church planting and revitalization, immigrant ministries of San Antonio Mennonite Church, and more! Both virtual and on-site workshops available! Register at for WDC Annual Assembly! Registration closes July 15.

Easy way to give!  Do you want an easy way to donate to help cover WDC Annual Assembly expenses?  Simply text 316-320-0787, then click the “Fund” dropdown menu and choose “Assembly Contributions.”  We are grateful for any gifts toward this important annual gathering.  Thank you for your support!

June Western District Conference Resource Library Final Thursday Book Discussion:  “At no other time in history or place in the world have so many people understood themselves to be suffering from mental health problems.” In Not Quite Fine: Mental Health, Faith, and Showing Up for One Another, author Carlene Hill Byron calls and equips the church to step up for such a time as this. Join us Thursday, June 30 at 7:00 pm via Zoom to discuss the book. Register by emailing

Summer Story Hour–God Rocks! – All children ages 3-8 in the central Kansas area are invited to God Rocks! Summer Story Hour at the WDC Conference Resource Library 2517 N. Main in North Newton. Fun Stories and Activities with Leader, Marjie Warkentine and Resource Library Director, Jennie Wintermote. Mondays at 10:00am on June 27, July 11, 18, 25 & August 1 & 8. Register for Story Hour here.

For Mennonite Mission Network News and Beyond click here

Berlin Exodus Presentation – Sun., June 26—7:00 pm—Come hear the story of how Mennonite Central Committee worker, Peter Dyck, moved 1,200 Ukrainian Mennonite refugees located in Berlin to a waiting ship in West Germany to travel to Paraguay in 1947  (75 years ago). The Berlin Exodus (also known as the Great Escape) is the theme of an evening presentation at Trinity Mennonite Church (211 Elm Street, Hillsboro, KS) led by Calvin Buller.

Mennonite Church USA Announcements
Menno Snapshots

Glen Guyton, executive director for Mennonite Church USA, laments the violence that has taken place in the recent months. “I know that our church is not immune from the same hatred and rhetoric that may have inspired some of this weekend’s violence. It bothers me even to consider that those elements may be creeping into some corners of our historic peace church.” Read more of his reflection here:

As many graduates are journeying on to a different place, many times outside of their original communities, it is important to find the balance between support and being overbearing. “Our greatest gift is offering relational support and creating a safe space for questions and wonderings, as our youths’ worldviews expand.” Learn more from Sarah Neher, director of faith formation and congregational life at Rainbow Mennonite Church, as she provides guidelines for supporting our youth:

As part of Mennonite Church USA’s Learn, Pray, Join: Welcoming EveryBODY initiative, Matthew Yoder, pastor of Grace Mennonite Church, reflects on why he believes that the Accessibility Resolution is so important to him personally. “Thanks to generous friends, evolving technologies and accessible spaces, [my grandfather] is able to continue to pursue his passion of worshipping God and serving the church.” Read more of his story here:

As part of Mennonite Church USA’s Learn, Pray, Join: Welcoming EveryBODY initiative, Shepherd Heart, a ministry of the Pacific Southwest Conference shares suggestions on preaching about disabilities. “Accessibility is about more than accommodation. How we preach about disability is profoundly important.” Read their guidelines here:

Mennonite Mission Network Prayer Request:  Mennonite Mission Network requests prayer for Gordon McDade, Karen Sethuraman and Patricia Whitestone, community chaplains with Soul Space, an organization that walks alongside peacemakers in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a city fractured by partisan conflict. Pray for Gordon, Karen and Patricia as they offer hospitable spaces where people can process the traumas they have experienced.

Western District Conference Prayer Request:   As we celebrate Pentecost this month, join the Church Planting Commission in praying for WDC congregations to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to explore new initiatives energizing and promoting the mission and vision of Jesus’ Kingdom of God. May each congregation be alert to their own unique opportunities and assets inviting new possibilities for discipleship, evangelism, mission, and outreach. AMEN – Pastor Tonya Ramer Wenger