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Christine Miller Hesed is an environmental anthropologist and conservation biologist whose work focuses on engaging underrepresented communities in climate change adaptation planning. She was the project director of Engaging Faith Communities for Coastal Resilience, an applied research project that brought together rural church communities with county and state government employees to address climate change on the Chesapeake Bay. Her work involves cultural consensus analysis and ethnographic methods to understand differences and similarities in cultural knowledge within and across stakeholder groups. Her doctoral research focused on rural African American communities on the Chesapeake Bay in order to understand environmental justice, vulnerability, adaptation, and resilience to sea-level rise. Miller Hesed is a former EPA STAR Fellow. She currently lives in Hesston, Kansas with her husband and young children.

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Interfaith Power & Light Webinar Recording: Climate Change, Our Faith Values, and 2020: A Conversation Between Dr. Katharine Hayhoe & Rev. Susan Hendershot:
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