Congregational Minutes 2016 09 18


12:45 p.m. – Sanctuary

  1. Welcome – Sondra Koontz, moderator, at 12:50 p.m.
  2.         Opening prayer
    Mike Claassen, Church Board member, led the congregation in reading   responsively the printed prayer from from Words for Worship 2 ed. Diane Zaerr Brenneman (Herald Press, 2009), No. 26.
  1. Approval of congregational meeting minutes
    The minutes for April 24, 2016 and June 26, 2016 were approved by consensus as summarized by Marilyn Schmidt, clerk.
  1. Treasurer’s report – Richard Friesen, interim treasurer
    Sondra Koontz read the treasurer’s report as Richard was unable to attend.
    After a slow start the annual budget now shows $371 more income than expense at the end of August in this year of transition. The small surplus is primarily because actual expenses are below budget. With about 67% of the year gone, both income and expenses are 59% of budget. Income and expenses will increase.
    Living Stones I is fully paid. The first significant bill for Living Stones II was paid in July for exterior repair, cleaning and sealing by borrowing approximately $25,000 from other internal funds at the end of August. Additional bills will be paid by additional internal borrowing and paid off through contributions.
    Planning for the 2017 budget is under way. Pony Express will start November 6. Congregational action will take place on January 29. 2017.
    No questions were asked.
  1. Living Stones II task force report – John Waltner, task force member
    The moderator thanked the volunteers Annette Lamp, Darlene Dick, Margo Schrag,  Bob Regier, and Hugo Boschmann who offered consultation and /or painting skills for the library and office suite updating. The library committee and senior youth group and their sponsors moved the books out and back in.
    John Waltner gave the illustrated Power Point task force report prepared by Annette Lamp regarding projects. The following were completed: stone cleaning, tuck pointing and sealing door and window perimeters, new paint and carpet in the offices and library, removal of asbestos tile under library carpet, new foyer lighting and concrete work for the ramp. In progress projects are the refinishing the outside of the front doors and woodwork with automatic opener, railing for both sides of the ramp, and light poles and finishing the ramp. The step down from the doors has been eliminated. Light poles will be placed from the north entrance to the sidewalk.
    Question was asked about whether the railing would be on the ramp on both sides.Jerry Buller commented on registers that are being removed in the sanctuary. Replacement panels have been made.
  1. Officers’ positions task force report – John Waltner, task force chair
    Sondra commented that the task force reports are given so that the congregation knows what is happening and can ask questions.
    John commented that the more complex administrative work of BCMC now has become a significant issue.  The moderator set up a task force at the request of the governance committee and the Church Board to study the church officers´ positions and their tasks. The members of the task force are John Waltner, chair- Board; Ron Preheim-Governance; Sandee Zerger – Staff Congregation Relations Committee; Frank Stucky– Finance and Vern Preheim- Gifts Discernment Committee. The committee has had conversations with former officers and will bring recommendations to the Church Board November 3 and to the congregation on January 29, 2017.
  1. Faith Formation Commission task force report – John Tyson, associate pastor
    The commission asked the Board to approve Faith Formation studying and updating the Safe Sanctuary Policy. John Tyson reported that the members have learned much about safe practices since the 2006 church policy.
  1. Pastoral transition report – Sondra Koontz
    A successful transition and orientation for Dawn Yoder is being addressed by various groups. Dawn has been in touch with staff. Richard Friesen has connected with Dawn about insurance and moving expenses. June Thomsen will be given a half-month salary extension to orient Dawn the first few weeks. Western District will provide orientation for their organization and installation at BCMC. Kathy Neufeld Dunn, our Western District liaison, will be here Dawn’s first Sunday, November 6, for installation.  A welcome potluck is planned. Dawn will first preach on November 20.
  1. John Tyson’s first term in-depth review – Sandee Zerger, SCRC chair
    Sandee reported that they are in midst of John Tyson’s first term review. It is broad, being an in-depth review.  Marvin Zehr from the Western District office will write a report from the responses. Staff Congregation Relations Committee will not see the individual feedback from the congregation.
  1. Other
    No announcements from the congregation were forthcoming.
  1. Closing prayer – Sondra Koontz

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Schmidt, Clerk