Church Board Minutes 2022 06 02

Church Board Minutes 2022 06 02
Bethel College Mennonite Church Board Minutes
Pending approval at July 2022 Board Meeting

Our faith in a God of love leads us, by the power of the Spirit, to follow
Jesus in doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God.

Board Members Present: Ada Schmidt-Tieszen (moderator), Brad Kohlman (moderator elect), Mary Ann Boschmann, Judy Friesen, Tim Hodge, Karen Penner, Lois Preheim, Adam Robb, Bill Swartley, Jon Zerger

Board Members Not Present: John Kliewer, Margaret Toews

Staff Present: Mike Claassen (Finance Manager), Nathan Koontz (Pastor), Todd Schlosser (Interim Pastor) by phone

Staff Not Present: Renee Reimer

Others Attending

  1. Welcome New Church Board Members and Centering Prayer – Moderator Ada Schmidt-Tieszen opened the meeting by welcoming new board members and inviting everyone to introduce themselves and say something that others may not know about them. The BCMC Common Purpose Statement was read as well as the printed Centering Prayer.
  2. Board Covenant: Ada Schmidt-Tieszen read from the Church Board Handbook, Section 2B, regarding Board Covenant.
  3. Consent Agenda: Online minutes of commissions and committees, pastors’ reports, and May 5, 2022 board meeting minutes were presented. Bill Swartley moved to approve the Consent Agenda and Judy Friesen seconded the motion; approved by consensus.
  4. Financial Report for May, 2022: Michael Claassen, Finance Manager, reported no additions or changes to the report as presented. Mike explained the prorated system over months for large/annual donations. This system excludes projects such as the screen. Adam Robb moved to approve the Financial Report. Mary Ann Boschmann seconded; motion carried.
  5. Appointments for Board-appointed Committees:
    – Finance Committee: Margaret Goering to an initial 2-year term
    – Staff-Congregation Relations Committee: Sondra Koontz to fulfill Jim Mininger’s term
    – Board Liaison to Abuse Prevention and Response Policy Committee: Judy Friesen

Adam Robb moved to approve the Church Board appointments. Lois Preheim seconded; motion carried.

6. Congregational Meeting Dates September 11, 2022; January 29, 2023; April 23, 2023 were presented: Adam Robb moved to accept the dates. September 11 and April 23 will be during the Sunday School hour and January 29 will be following a pot-luck. Judy Friesen seconded; motion carried.

7. Initiatives for the Year: Ada suggested a plan for the Board’s work in which larger/longer range initiatives will be introduced at one meeting and voted on at the next, allowing time for contemplation and gathering information between meetings.  Possible proposals suggested by Ada as well as Church Board members include:

– Policy to include a tithe with each church project. Ada will ask John Kliewer to submit a proposal.

Indigenous peoples and land. The informal book study group may have ideas of what to do beyond land acknowledgement. Is there sufficient contemplation/information for a proposal?

– Worship Commission Task Group. Revise –  Reinstate – Delete?

–  Gun Violence.

– Multi-Generation Congregation.

– Community Outreach.

– LGBTQ+. Open/affirming on congregation/district/denomination levels.  Next steps?

– Examine Commissions for Relevancy.

8. Reports and Announcements:

– Credence Consulting and Reference Group. Ada reviewed two items requested from the consulting firm: 1) Pastoral/Congregational Leadership structure, Lead/Team? 2) Church identity – sense of self – where is the passion for BCMC? BCMC Reference Group members (Megan Kohlman, David Lincheid, Lois Preheim, Ada Schmidt-Tieszen, Todd Schlosser) met via ZOOM, May 17 with Credence Team for a group interview. Preparation for a computer survey is underway. A paper form will be available for those who prefer. One of the survey questions is an inquiry regarding interest in being interviewed. Thirty-five individuals will be interviewed. A completed project report is anticipated before advent.

– Faith Formation Position.  Since Interim Pastoral positions are not available through Western District Conference, Church Board at the May 5, 2022 meeting blessed Todd Schlosser, Nathan Koontz, and Renee Reimer to write a proposal of  how the ministry at BCMC could continue following Renee Reimer’s departure. An Interim Preaching and Worship Coordinator Position (summer/fall 2022) for BCMC was submitted. Discussion was continued in Executive Session.

– New Board Member Orientation Date. Ada will confirm orientation date with new Church Board members as there were conflicts surrounding the proposed dates.

– Reception for Renee Reimer. Adam Robb gave an update from the Hospitality Committee for Monday, June 13, for Renee Reimer’s Come and Go Farewell Reception between 5-7 on the church lawn – weather permitting. Individually bagged cookies, balloons, and a basket for cards will be in place. The Church Board will be responsible for gifts. Adam Robb will follow through with arrangements for the gifts.

9. Worship Coordinator Position. Nathan Koontz presented the Worship Coordinator Position proposal. Following discussion Judy Friesen moved to go into Executive Session. Brad Kohlman seconded; motion carried.

10. Executive Session. Entered at 8:35 pm. Closed at 9:00 pm.

11. Interim Preaching and Worship Coordination Position (summer/fall 2022) Proposal. Tim Hodge moved to approve the Interim Preaching and Worship Coordination Position (summer/fall 2022) proposal. Brad Kohlman seconded the motion; unanimous approval.

            The proposal will go to SCRC as this document extends Nathan Koontz’ position to ¾ time.

   12. Meeting Adjourned. Brad Kohlman moved to adjourn the meeting. Tim Hodge seconded.

Respectfully submitted, Lois Preheim Pro Tem