Church Board Minutes 2022 04 07

Church Board Minutes 2022 04 07
Bethel College Mennonite Church Board Minutes
Pending approval at May 2022 Board Meeting

Our faith in a God of love leads us, by the power of the Spirit, to follow
Jesus in doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God.

Board Members Present: Elizabeth Schmidt (moderator), Ada Schmidt-Tieszen (moderator 9 elect), Glen Ediger, Judy Friesen, John Kliewer, Cynthia Linscheid, Lois Preheim, Adam Robb, 10 Dale Schrag, Bill Swartley, Margaret Toews 
Board Members not present: 
Staff Present: Mike Claassen (Finance Manager), Nathan Koontz (pastor), Renee Reimer  13 (pastor), Todd Schlosser (Interim Pastor) 
Staff not present:  
Others attending: 

1. Welcome and Centering Prayer – Moderator Elizabeth Schmidt opened the meeting with a  time of silence followed by all reading a short meditation together.

2. Consensus Approval – Consent Agenda – Online minutes of commissions and committees, and pastors’ reports were approved by consensus. The March 3 board meeting minutes were corrected as follows: Item 5, the last sentence was changed to read “The statement received consensus approval from the board to share with the congregation in the next  Kaleidoscope newsletter.” 

3. Action – Financial Report – February 2022 – Michael Claassen, Finance Manager, reported a change to Comparative Financial Report note #3. Contributions received in 2021 that were intended for 2022 were not accounted for which reduces the once-a-year intents not yet received from $124,100 to $99,900 and the amount allocated to the first quarter of 2022 from $31,025 to $24,975. If they had already been received, the budget shortfall at the end of March would be $9,569.68 rather than $34,544.68. Adam Robb moved to accept the Financial Report as amended and John Kliewer seconded. The report was accepted by the board. Discussion also included whether to return to offering during Sunday morning services and the problem of getting enough ushers to have the offering.  

4. Action – Resolution forJackson Annuities -Andreas Estate: The board approved the following resolution concerning Jackson National Life Insurance Company annuities:

Dale Schrag moved to accept this motion; Judy Friesen seconded. The motion passed. 

5. Appointments for Board-Appointed Committees 

Auditing – Judy Friesen will contact potential members 
Archive – Cynthia Linscheid will contact potential members 
BC Relations – Cynthia Linscheid will contact potential members
Education & Service Scholarship – John Kliewer will contact potential members 
Finance – Judy Friesen will contact potential members 
Facilities – Lois Preheim will contact potential members 
Gifts Discernment – Dale will contact potential members 
Staff Congregation Relations – Adam will contact potential members
Assistant Treasurer – Adam will contact potential members 
Abuse Prevention & Response – need board member to agree 
Peace Garden Care – no new members needed yet – new committee


Moderator Elect 
Brad Kohlman 

Church Board 

Continuing Members:                                  New Members:

Judy Friesen (2024)                                       Mary Ann Boschmann                                                   

John Kliewer (2024)                                       Tim Hodge

Lois Preheim (2023)                                      Karen Penner

Bill Swartley (2023)                                       Jonathan Zerger

Deacon Commission 

Continuing Members:                                  New Members: 

Karen Ediger (2023)                                       Hugo Boschmann  

Carolyn Penner (2023)                                Elizabeth Schmidt

Hank Prouty (2024) 

Wes Schmidt-Tieszen (2024) 

Faith Formation Commission 

Continuing Members:                                  New Members:

Deborah Gering (2024)                                 Brad Kohlman  

Mary Ellen Hodge (2023)                             Rebecca Tschetter  

Kathy Stucky (2024) 

Hospitality Commission 

Continuing Members:                                    New members:

Marlene Faul (2023)                                         Valetta Seymour

Helen Nachtigal (2023)                                   Mary Jane Waltner

 Susie Swartley  

Worship Commission 

No continuing appointments                       No new appointments

The Church Board has approved a one-year ”sabbatical” for this commission!

6. Proposed Board Handbook Revisions: This item was deferred to the May meeting.

7. Screen Study Group Proposal – The screen study group recommends to the church board that the church install a projection screen at the front of the sanctuary for use in worship, presentations, meetings, and class settings. Installation would be primarily completed by McClelland Sound of Wichita, Kansas, along with assistance from other vendors. Electrical power, the building and installation of a paneling section would be provided by others. Total costs for the project are estimated at $40000. The board   discussed methods of funding and the discussion resulted in the following funding proposal: 

“As a reminder to ourselves that this item is not required facility maintenance but rather  an elective feature which comes at a high dollar cost, and to acknowledge that there are great needs in the world beyond ourselves, the first $5000 committed to the funding of this project will be donated to the International Rescue Commission Wichita site to assist in 

the resettlement of refugees in the Wichita area. The congregation will raise 25% of the $45000 ($40000 for the project itself and $5000 for our contribution to IRC) and the balance of the funding will be made from bequests.”  

Adam Robb moved to accept the proposal and Dale Schrag seconded. The motion passed.

8. Finalize Spring Congregational Meeting Agenda – 10:45 am in Fellowship Hall: The board discussed ways to make the congregational meeting easier for all to attend. It was decided   to move the meeting time to 10:45 am and to meet in the newly renovated Fellowship Hall.  The proposed agenda is as follows: 

– Welcome and Opening Prayer 

– Approve Minutes of 1-30-22 Congregational Meeting

– Election of Moderator-Elect, Clerk and Church Board members – ballot

– Booklet reports/opportunity for questions: 

– Financial Manager’s Report 

– Update on structure and culture at BCMC 

– Screen Proposal 

– Other items 

9. Survivor-Centered Culture Follow-up – Communications, Church Mailbox: The board   discussed our response to recent communications.

10. Faith Formation update – Renee: Faith Formation had an interesting retreat with new  people and a new energy for the coming year. The commission continues to ask for active support from the congregation. The board was encouraged to attend the church retreat at   Camp Mennoscah. 

11. “Where Have All the Pastors Gone?” – oral reports from attendees – Deferred to May meeting. 

12. Pastoral Transition Updates & Next Steps – Elizabeth reported on the initial meeting with   consultants from Credence & Company which was held in early April with Elizabeth, Ada, Todd, and Nathan attending from BCMC. The first task is to appoint a Reference Group with 4 or so members. Ada and Todd will be part of the group. Other potential members will be asked within a week or so. No work will begin until the Reference Group has been formed. A timeline was communicated that extends our work with Credence & Company into November of 2022. Both Elizabeth and Todd reported that there are currently no names of potential interim pastors to replace Renee. Todd and Nathan are creating a list of tasks that people from the congregation can do to help, either in volunteer or possibly paid capacities, to take up aspects of the workload in the coming months.

13. Executive Session – Entered at 10:20 pm. Closed at 10:25 pm

14. Meeting Adjourned – Adjourned at 10:25 pm.

Submitted by Margaret Toews, Clerk

Draft – Church Board Minutes 2022 04 07.docx