Church Board Minutes 2021 11 04

      Church Board Minutes 2021 11 04

Bethel College Mennonite Church Board Minutes
Pending approval at December, 2021 Board Meeting

Our faith in a God of love leads us, by the power of the Spirit, to follow Jesus
in doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God.

Board Members Present:  Elizabeth Schmidt (moderator), Ada Schmidt-Tieszen (moderator-elect), Glen Ediger, Judy Friesen, John Kliewer, Cynthia LInscheid, Lois Preheim, Adam Robb, Bill Swartley
Board Members not present: Dale Schrag
Staff Present: Dawn Yoder Harms (pastor), Renee Reimer (pastor), Mike Classen (Finance Manager)
Staff not present: Nathan Koontz (pastor)
Others attending: Al Peters (finance committee chair)

1.Welcome and Centering Prayer – Moderator Elizabeth Schmidt provided moments of reflective silence and followed up with a reading of Philippians 1: 3-6.  

2.Consent Agenda – Judy Friesen noted that some recent committee and commission minutes have not yet been posted. Pastor Dawn volunteered to follow up. Minutes of the October board meeting and pastors’ reports were approved by consensus.

3.Financial Report – October 2021 financial report. Mike Claassen reported that there are no changes from the written report. Adam Robb moved to accept the October 2021 financial report. Glen Ediger seconded the motion which subsequently carried.

4. 2022 Initial Budget: Al Peters presented the 2022 initial budget, characterizing it as consistent with previous years with no drastic changes. Ada Schmidt Tieszen noting that the Witness Commission had made a reduction in the MC USA allocation asked about the Commission’s rationale. Pastor Dawn reported that the Witness Commission’s intent was to bring BCMC’s contribution to MC USA down to a more normative contribution amount. Further consideration will be given to the 2022 budget after the upcoming pledge drive.

5. Western District Conference Update on search for a BCMC interim pastor: Moderator Elizabeth Schmidt reported that Conference Minister Kathy Neufeldt Dunn is still actively exploring possibilities with no candidates yet in hand. With that and Pastors Reimer’s and Koontz’ needs to plan in mind, it was decided that Moderator Schmidt would convene a meeting along with Moderator Elect Ada Schmidt Tieszen and Pastors Yoder Harms, Reimer and Koontz to form a contingency plan.

6. Call for Special Congregation Meeting for vote on Abuse Prevention and Response Policy: The APR committee presented the finalized proposed policy and signaled readiness to present it to the congregation for an acceptance vote. Adam Robb with the Board’s agreement expressed appreciation to Pastors Dawn Yoder Harms and Renee Reimer as well as to the committee for their diligent work in writing the policy. Judy Friesen moved to call the special meeting. Ada Schmidt Tieszen seconded the motion which subsequently carried. The Board unanimously agreed as part of the motion that opportunity for congregational discussion be given prior to the meeting in the form of communication with the Committee and pastors, but in order to not further victimize victims who might be present at the meeting, no further public discussion opportunity would be granted at the congregational meeting itself. Bill Swartley advised the board that it is important to reemphasize to the congregation that there will be no further discussion opportunity during the congregational meeting and emphasized that this be communicated again to the congregation prior to the meeting . Board leadership and Pastoral staff promised to communicate again in the days leading up to the congregational meeting that there would be no opportunity for public discussion of the policy during the congregational meeting.           

7. Music Coordinator position description change: The Music Coordinator position description was revised to a position-sharing delineation of duties format at the request of Barbara Thiesen and Verlene Garber.  Ada Schmidt Tieszen moved to so revise the position. Adam Robb seconded the motion which subsequently carried.

8. Assistant Treasurer resignation effective 1/1/22: Lois Goertzen having resigned her position effective 1/1/22, Adam Robb volunteered to contact people possibly interested in replacing Lois.

9. Regier Construction, Inc update: Moderator Elizabeth Schmidt reported that a walk- through of the construction project was successfully conducted amid a congenial and collegial atmosphere between contractor and congregation representatives. A final inventory of work performed revealed that the original contract had been amended to delete the installation of cabinets at drinking water stations. The Board expressed appreciation to George Leary and Glen Ediger for their assistance in finalizing the contract and the final walk-through with Regier Construction.

10. Executive Session. Entered 8:10 pm. Closed at 8;23 pm.

11. Meeting adjourned at 9:21 pm. Next meeting is December 2, 2021.

Submitted by John Kliewer, Temporary Clerk

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