Church Board Minutes 2019 08 01


Bethel College Mennonite Church
Church Board Minutes
August 1, 2019

Board members present: John Waltner, Patricia Shelly, Rosalind Andreas, Erin Brubacher, Cynthia Linscheid, Dale Schrag, Mel Voth, Glen Ediger

Absent: Pat Friesen, Bill Swartley

Staff Present: Dawn Yoder Harms

Staff Absent: Mike Claassen

John called the meeting to order and invited members to read the centering prayer together.

  1. Welcome
  2. Consent agenda
    a.  July 11, 2019 Minutes and pastor’s report. Accepted by consensus with the following corrections:
    i.  item 3a: John clarified that language was added to spell out the details required by Midland National Bank, in order to provide in our minutes the necessary written documentation for their approval of those authorized for financial transactions.
    ii.  item 8: correct Rene to Renee
    iii. item 3iii: correct !! to II
  1. Financial report
    a.  July monthly income was $5,086.72 more than expense
    b.  2020 budget worksheets have been sent to commissions and committees
  2. Update – Midland Bank and Everence authorizations
    a.  John is working with all those listed in item 3a of July 2019 minutes, to see that they follow through with the necessary paperwork at Midland.
    b.  The Everence authorizations are also in process.
  3. Housing allowance for Nathan Koontz
    a.  $22,000 per year is to be designated as housing allowance
    b.  For 2019, the amount for 3 months will be $5500
  4. Bequest policy
    John met with Al Peters (Finance) and Doug Harms (Facilities) to review a list of projects the available bequest funds could be put towards. The Facilities Committee is on top of needs and working at prioritizing. Electrical work is probably at the top of the list as it will need to be completed before other items can be begun. Going forward, John will involve Monica Lichti to also meet with them.
    Dale moved that John, Doug, Al, and Monica be identified as the task force to determine priorities to apply the bequest funds to projects identified by Facilities; Mel seconded.  John will confirm this process with all of them, and provide the Board with an update in September.
  1. August 11 welcome for Renee Reimer
    Items planned for August 11 include time during the service to introduce/welcome Renee, and a noon potluck. Hospitality Commission is putting together a book to present to her. John will offer a welcome on behalf of the Board and give her tickets to the 2019-2020 Hesston-Bethel Performing Arts series. (Cynthia will get the tickets and provide to John.)
  1. Review of Board Appointments
  2. Patty brought up a need for a means of tracking various appointments which are the responsibility of the Board. Suggestions include a list that can be updated as needed, and a system of notifying any groups that should be looking for replacements. We need to be sure individuals, committees, and Monica are informed when the board makes appointments.
  3. Two current groups still in need of replacement members are Finance committee and Gifts Discernment. Dale and Rosalind volunteered to meet with John to take next steps. 

Recorder: Cynthia Linscheid