Your Response to a Statement of Common Purpose and BCMC Summer Worship-2018–Things that make for peace

What is our purpose as a congregation? The church board invites your response to a proposed statement of common purpose that seeks to describe what unites and drives our activities. The drafted statement reads:  Our faith in a God of love leads us to follow Jesus in doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. Read a related article in the July-August newsletter and share your reactions and comments at

by August 19. Hard copies are available near the church mailboxes.  You can place completed forms in the box in the Gathering Place.  All BCMC members and friends are encouraged to participate. Thank you!


Things that make for peace 

Our Vacation Bible School children began the summer by
exploring what it means to be a peacemaker.  Throughout the coming months, we all have opportunity to dive deeper into this theme through our summer worship.

Our congregation understands well that Jesus calls us to be peacemakers.  But concretely, what does peacemaking look like… within ourselves, in our families, in our congregational life, with neighbors and enemies, in situations of injustice in our community and world?

Each Sunday throughout the summer will focus on a different aspect of peacemaking. Our worship will be enriched by the new peace and reconciliation/humility and service prints
created by Bob Regier and by music and reflections from a variety of sources.

Peacemaking is at the core of the gospel, rooted in God’s love of the “enemy.” May we be both challenged and blessed as we engage this important theme.

July 22 Making peace with Polarized Neighbors–Tim Hodge

July 29 Making peace with Life Changes–Eric Massanari

Aug 5 Radical Reconciliation
Youth attending summer service trip

Aug 12 Making peace with forgiveness–Kathy Neufeld Dunn

Aug 19 Visions of peace–Dawn Yoder Harms
“Back to School Sunday”, with a
special welcome to Bethel College students

Aug 26 Worship theme and presenter to be announced