March 29, 2020–Lent 6–You will have to press “Read More” to obtain the link for the service

Worship this week is led by Pastors Nathan Koontz and Renee Reimer and joined musically by John, Anne, and Esther Koontz. Ben Lichti ran our sound and helped with technology for this recording. Thank you to Monica Lichti to for all her behind the scenes work that enable all of this to happen. 
Join us for worship virtually using this video link from YouTube. 
As you worship with us, we invite you to light a Christ candle in your home at the beginning of our worship service. 
Join us in singing by using the attached songs or singing out of Hymnal: A Worship Book and Sing the Story.When we face an unknown future (sung to the tune HWB 26 Holy Spirit come with power) lyrics attachedHWB 143 Amazing GraceSTS 16 Peace before us
Engage the text with us by opening your Bibles to John 11:1-45 and reflecting on these questions:What do you notice? What strikes you? What do you wonder about? What invitation do your hear? 
You can continue to participate in offering by giving online on the church website, setting up direct deposit with our treasurer Mike Claassen, or sending in a check to the church office. We now have a special line item in the Support BCMC tab on our website for donations for community assistance during this Covid outbreak. Give to the Caring Fund if you would like to provide help to those in need in Harvey county.
We are facing an unknown future, but this future is also filled with God’s love. 
Pastor Renee (on behalf of the Pastoral Team)


Bethel College Mennonite Church
March 29, 2020 – 9:30 a.m. Worship—Open our Eyes—Lent 5


Lighting the Christ Candle—Renee Reimer– The prelude invites us into a time of silence as we open ourselves to God’s presence among us.                                     

Prelude–Misty (by Erroll Garner and Johnny Burke)—John Mark Koontz                                                

Welcome, prayer—Nathan Koontz                                                                                                                    

Hymn of praise–When We Face an Unknown Future— (to the tune of HWB 26)                                      


Engaging the Text–John 11:1-45—Renee Reimer and Nathan Koontz
What do you notice?
What strikes you?
What do you wonder about?
What invitation do you hear?


Hymn of response-Amazing graceHWB 143—Verses 1,2, 3, and 6 (click on the hymn title and it will take you to the hymn)

Prayer of God’s people–Renee Reimer

Community sharing (announcements, sharing hope) –Renee Reimer and Nathan Koontz


Benediction–Renee Reimer

Sending hymn-Peace before usSTS 16 (click on the hymn title and it will take you to the hymn)

When We Face an Unknown Future                 

Sung to the tune of Holy spirit come with power (HWB 26)
When we face an unknown future that we can’t imagine yet,
when the closeness we have treasured turns from blessing into threat—
As we miss our friends and loved ones, as we crave community,
may we look, God, in this season, for a whole new way to be.
Jesus faced the lonely desert as a time to look within.
There he met such trial and conflict; there he knew you were with him.
In this time of separation when we miss the life we’ve known,
may we hear your voice proclaiming: “I am here! You’re not alone.”
May we cherish those around us as we never have before.
May we think much less of profit; may we learn what matters more.
May we hear our neighbors’ suffering; may we see our neighbors’ pain.
May we learn new ways of offering life and health and hope again.
God, when illness comes to threaten, and when so much here goes wrong,
may we know this thing for certain— that your love is sure and strong.
You’re beside us in our suffering, and when times are surely tough,
we may face an unknown future, but it’s filled, Lord, with your love.

Tune: The Sacred Harp, 1844; attributed to Benjamin Franklin White
Text: Copyright © 2020 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.
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Used with permission.